Trump? An innocent man? Hah!

INDEED, a truly “innocent” man- and a man with “NOTHING to hide” - would “CLEARLY NOT”:

Fire a long-sitting, FBI director (Jim Comey) that was leading an investigation into HIS potential crimes and political misdeeds in regard to the Russian’s DOCUMENTED and PROVEN cyber attack on America’s 2016 election! And THEN personally invite de facto RUSSIAN “spies” into the OVAL OFFICE, have photos taken by RUSSIAN press of him laughing with them and tried to keep it from the American media. In fact, the American media ONLY found out about it after TASS (Russian media) boastingly reported out! WT*?! Where’s REAGAN?!!!

PUBLICLY threaten, berate and ultimately conspire to have Comey’s replacement (Andrew McCabe) FIRED- and just DAYS (days!) before McCabe’s federal pension would have been taken effect!

PUBLICLY threaten, berate and conspire to FIRE the DEPUTY Attorney General (Rod Rosenstein), whose responsible for authorizing myriad legal requests by the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, who leads a FEDERAL investigation of possible crimes and/or political misdeeds of himself and/or his administration.

PUBLICLY berate and conspire to thwart or derail, along with his GOP “partners in crime”, EVERY US Congressional investigation, to date (BOTH “House” and “Senate”), regarding HIS and/or HIS administration’s potential and/or “alleged” CRIMES, against America!

Openly criticize and/or surreptitiously “conspire to thwart” and/or legally derail” (WT*?!) the investigation into the “possible crimes” of his former administration officials, campaign staff and or legal team - especially that of Michael Cohen! WHAT is he so WORRIED about there? An INNOCENT man would NOT worry like he is! TELLING!

Repeatedly REFUSING to call out, criticize or materially hold the serial-murdering autocrat, Vladimir Putin “accountable”, for his REPEATED and CONTINUING cyber ATTACKS on AMERICA! Indeed, what a cartoonishly-transparent and traitorous act in response to an ACTUAL and ONGOING Russian “cyber attack” on America! Indeed, “where’s McCarthy” when you actually need him?! In fact, NOT only has Russia attacked America with virtual impunity, to date, but it CONTINUES to do so! Furthermore, “Don the Con” even tried to give the Russians (those who ATTACKED America) their MD/ DC area real estate back, shortly after taking office- real estate that HAD previously been “taken away” by his predecessor (President Obama) AND CONTINUALLY try to rescind or delay ANY economic sanctions against Russia!.

Specifically not enforce economic sanctions on the company of a KNOWN shady, Russian oligarch and friend of PUTIN. Wow imagine that. YET ANOTHER favor to Putin and his friends, at the WORLD’s expense!

VERBALLY ATTACK” the US Government’s own LAW enforcement, judicial and legislative systems - “publicly” and “repeatedly” - and, ESPECIALLY those involved in the investigation of HIM and/or HIS administration’s potential and/or “alleged” CRIMES, against America!

“Repeatedly” attempt to OBSTRUCT justice by openly BERATING, IMPUGNING and/or conspiring to “FIRE”(red alert!) the leaders of an ongoing FEDERAL INVESTIGATION, into HIS and/or his administration’s “alleged” political or legal crimes against America!

Tell people in privately and on social media (!) that a potential witness against him won’t “FLIP”. “FLIP”?! THIS, is even a “CONCERN” of yours? Really?! Wow- HOW TELLING! So, just think about that for a second, America. Indeed, ONLY a CROOK - and NOT an “innocent” man - would EVER (EVER!) worry, for a second, about the prospect of ANYONE ever “FLIPPING” on them, in a federal investigation, now WOULDN’T they? But, of course! YET, as expected, “Don the Con” continues to intensely worry and rage, privately, about that very possibility - again, just like a GUILTY man.

AND THE LIST GOES ON and ON! I mean, if you think that “Tricky Dicky” Nixon was constantly steamed about what all he perceived that JFK “got away with”, can you just imagine how beside himself with anger, and borderline apoplectic, he’d be, given what Don the Con’s being allowed to “get away” with? Both Tricky Dicky and Reagan would be going after him, viciously, about now, based on his “pro-Russian/pro-Putin/America-be-damned” escapades ALONE!

So, then WHO, pray tell,, would dare expose their own moral bankruptcy by trying to even REMOTELY argue that “Don the Con” is not a “GUILTY” (excuse of a) man? WHO? Those who’ve been REMOTLEY been paying attention KNOW this - and SO does the WORLD! Yes, THESE” are the acts of a CLEARLY “GUILTY”, traitorous, serial-lying, CRIMINALLY-bent and morally-unfit, “so-called” President!

SO, WAKE up, AMERICA! “THIS pathological-lying, serial criminal that you AND the GOP have allowed to CONTINUE STAINING the WH and Presidency (since Jan, 2017) is “destroying everything good about America! NOT ONLY that, but his crooked, “swamp-laden”, tax-payer-abusing, “so-called” administration, and the daily list of their newly-uncovered acts of brazen venality and corruption are gratuitously doing the very same!

So the question now is: HOW Long are you going to allow this OBSCENE and criminal-laden MOCKERY of a Presidency continue, America? And WHEN are you EVER going to WAKE UP and REALIZE that the “legislative terrorists” of the GOP - “without question” - has been ENABLING and OBSTRUCTING for “Gump” since DAY one - MORALS be damned!

And, now, a question for Trump’s GOP-enablers and “partners-in-moral-and-legal-crime” on Capitol Hill: DO YOU STILL NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND that HISTORY is, INDEED, WATCHING and RECORDING YOUR EVERY MOVE? Has that STILL not registered with you yet? Are you SO blindly partisan and corrupt that you have unequivocally FAILED, to date, to remotely sense that grave scenario, staring you DIRECTLY in the face? YOUR “EVERY” political MOVE is being WATCHED AND RECORDED?! EVERY ONE! So, you’d better ACT NOW - while it may still be possible to “SALVAGE” at least SOME semblance of “your name” - IF not for you, for your descendant’s and family’s sake. GET IT?

So, in closing, AMERICA, it is NOW, quite simply, a MORAL IMPERATIVE that you SWIFTLY and PERMANENTLY VOTE OUT the GOP“ - at LEAST until they can FULLY demonstrate, to the American people, once again, that they WILL NO LONGER resort to such hyper-partisanship, stoop to such egregious and morally-bankrupt levels NOR resort to enabling and obstructing for an apparent TRAITOR and CROOK in the WH again! OR, putting ANY morally-bankrupt and perceived, political gain, ABOVE the legitimate needs, demands of Americans - AND the “rule-of-law”. Without question, the time for twisted amusement or political indifference to this democracy-threatening, political cancer is LONG over, my poor or middle-class GOP-voting “friend”. On the contrary, your civic DUTY of quickly and unhesitatingly REMOVING the GOP’s control of American government is NOW a MORAL IMPERATIVE, and FULLY expected of you in November - that is, if the notion of a MORAL nation still or EVER mattered to you! “Word to ya mutha”, if you EVER hope to again restore America’s “good name” on the world stage, and make it, once again, a shining beacon on a hill, as far as world democracies, are concerned, then do the right thing in November and VOTE the GOP OUT - for and morality and decency’s sake, of anything!

Because RIGHT NOW? The world is condescendingly looking down on, laughing AT and holding it’s nose when America is mentioned - and rightly so, as America has only itself (and the media cancers/ LIE FACTORIES of “Fox Ruse”, “wrong-wing hate radio”) to blame for the mess it’s gotten itself into, and NOW it’s time for America to extract itself FROM this obscenely low and TRULY despicable station- arguably it’s “most fascistic”, in American history.

So, for the sake of future generations, and what they think about you, “REMOVE THIS “ROTTING FLESH” from around the neck of the American public by REGISTERING, “verifying” your registration and then VOTING the GOP OUT in November!

And, in the meantime, CONTINUE to RESIST this corrupt, morally-bankrupt and fascistic-minded, administration of “Don the Con” and his defiant attempts to devolve America into a world laughingstock and/or autocratic-tinged, “Banana Republic”!

It’s LONG past time to full-throatedly “call out” this endless evil that’s descended upon the WH, at EVERY turn! EVERY turn! Evil can ONLY propagate, IF “good men” simply stand by and do NOTHING to STOP them!



Julie Dahlman's picture
Julie Dahlman 1 year 36 weeks ago

Thom I've been a big fan of your's since 2004 and Brunch with Bernie who I got to know because of you. I even called you my Drummer.

But, with your circular firing of callers who want the dems to stand for something other than against Trump and who blame dems for doing nothing and learning nothing from their losses in 2010, 2014, 2016, I don't know I want to continue listening to you. I know that is my right but you are turning away democrats, independents, Greens who have admired you for years. We should discuss what is wrong with dem party, everyone else is. It is right there in their faces and they ignore it. Are you among them, the neocons who want the status quo and sending a few crumbs to we the people.

Very disappointing as I agree with so much of what I have learned from you.

willy g's picture
willy g 1 year 34 weeks ago

the callers blaming dems for doing nothing SHOULD be ashamed,why just this week those proud and brave democrats of the house and senate,voted to roll back dodd- frank.these congressman and congress women, are from states that went if the afformentioned congress people were to lose the upcoming election cycle,they would be deprived of coming back to d.c. next year, with they're republican comrades and voting for a full repeal of... dodd frank

give be a true keith ellison or marc pocan progressive any day of the week and twice on sunday

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