Living on the edge

I never would have thought I would ever be living on th edge with my wonderful daughter, with her looking daily for a full time job and existing on partial part time work having lost her home and used up all her savings trying to go to school and get a new career in her 40S and finding that the private school which promised jobs did not have very many. They certianly could not find them for the load of students they move through the course of Medical Assistant and collect tons of money from the loans they all take out.
I am in my 70's and well past being able to work since I can not stand for any length of time which would be required at the Walmart type of job. We are going through my assets and soon I will be with out any resources also.

Changes that could have helped would be that she could have gotten some grants for school but she already had a bachelors degree which means no Pell Grants regardless of the fact that it is a new career training situation. She is also single and does not have children so that leaves her out of the Single mother scholarships and grants.

It is amazing that some students go through class after class on grants which include money to live on and as long as they never get a degree they can just keep living like that. It is not fair.It is not right.

We look around us and wonder why this country which had so much is now so mean and we become very sad.

Time To Expel Rep Steve King From the House?

Thom plus logo Congressman Steve King, in a new Internet meme, says that red state America has 8 trillion bullets and blue state America is still debating who can use which bathroom.