I appreciate how kind is Thom, his wife, and his production with the view of other opinion. I could never do what Thom does because I cremate most of them in the show. I know, that's not the real christian to do. I'm still working on it. Recently, Ted Cruz' father said "sent president Obama to Kenya"; who is he to say that if he is Cuban, born in Cuba, and most likely naturalize because his wife is a US citizen. I can say that because I'm from Puerto Rico, and it isn't politically incorrect. Farther more, and most important, Jesus and real chistians stand for love to others. The commendment that Jesus left us is to love each other as he loved us. If our acction doesn't meet this criteria or at least our efforts don't go this way, are we REALLY CHRISTIANS.

I have done some research in some of this so call chistias Pastors, Reverends and even a few Bishops and it seems that this is not their main concern. It seems that they are driven by some ideology, that might have taken form the Holy Bible buy not from Jesus. Most of them use the forum or to be clear their temple, their TV programs, TV channels to make money and impose this irresponsable and misleading theology. Don't they fear God for manipulating the scruptures? Have they taken at list clases of theology, phylosory, human development?

How come some christian, pastor, reverend, etc. be against feeding the hungry (SNAP)? ...or providing a roof over a family, a child (Section 8, public housing, rent control)? or a good education so this children can have a better future than their parents (student loan, infrastructure to schools, inovation in education) ... or impose our views on other (what about thes freewill that God gave us). These things make us christian or christian look alike.

I don't believe in abortions but I will fight as much as I can to keep this law as it was. Why? Because if I don't belive in abortion I will teach my children better than the chistian look alike. I will give them the tools to void the need for one. If I know someone that is thinking to have one I will help not judging, not imposing, to fix her problem, even taking her in my house so she will be able to take a more concencius desicion and not have the procedure because is her only choice, etc.

Be aware of this so called christians that are chistian alike. If God is love, God can not hare. If God's favorites are the poor, the marginalize, etd. anyone who is in any way trying to damage them, can not come from God, and God doesn't liv their. Be aware of the ones that one to remove Affortable Care Act, removing funds from the ones that have less, the poor, the children even the GLTB.


Oscar from PR


Cwall's picture
Cwall 6 years 12 weeks ago

I guess all I can say is ..... I'm not suspect of religion only the messengers and blind sheep. You can pretty much study any culture sacred text and find a golden thread that repeats through the ages and localities, over and over. Living Life with Love, Peace, Harmony at one with man, earth, water, and sky. That as I see it is the only spiritual truth that through it's repetition of the ages and through out the world IS The Only True Message of what real Wisdom is that was important for us to learn and know. Everything else anyone of any cloth adds to it that does not totally fall within that framework....is simply an add on decorated misconception created for their own agendas.

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