This morning I woke up with so many tares in my face that even the pillow was wet, my respiration somehow perturbed, and some other signs that something happened that night. It was like a few years ago when I had to use expensive sleeping pills that did not work and only gave me nightmares in the hour or so that I was able to sleep. Finally, they found a old, cheap pill (very addictive) that regulate my sleep or better said, help me to sleep a little more. I didn’t become addicted to them because they did the job really fast. But, at the same time it was different. I did not have the sense of panic, horror, etc. than before. I tried to remember the dream, very hard task when sometimes I don’t remember my address (I’m not embarrass myself saying my name). If you are interested to get in the mind of a ex-republican, very progressive, gay, and mentally challenge keep reading and embrace yourself to the wild side or should I say the nut side. Needless to say that I filled part of the dream with my imagination…

At the beginning I was at the beach (Atlantic Ocean) in my town or it seems to be. Two mature men in fancy cloth, salt and pepper hair and this aristocratic voice told me how beautiful and peacefully it was, and they were looking to invest money in a place like this. I told them not to waste their money because their investment will disappear shortly. I show them where the see level was and were it was now. Then, I gave the speech of global warming, carbon polluters, republicans politician been bought by billionaires like the Koch brothers. They don’t realize that killing the planet, they kill themselves and their genealogy? I became a lion defending the planet, literally. Hey, is a dream.

Suddenly, I’m at the white house (like in TV because I have never been there) in a press conference with president Obama. It was festive, perhaps like a meeting or convention. They took me to the podium to give a speech, and I became sort of a comedian. In the middle of my I had to excuse myself because I had to go to the rest room. I don’t have a gold bladder and take diuretics in real life.

When I come back the two men of the beach where making their petition to become progressive democrats; and, they were the Koch brothers. (Damn, they appear even in my dreams now.) They said that because what I said they had a change of heart and their industries will do solar panels for the whole US starring in Puerto Rico. I live in Puerto Rico and yes I’m puertorrican, gay, very progressive, and disable. Finally, one of them wanted to give me one of his houses at the beach. Remember this is a dream. I told him that I will rather have a house with a lot of rooms to be able to put a home for children that their parents have kick them out for been gay.

Guess what? Before he answer, I had to do no. 1 and 2. I woke up and limp to the bathroom (I had bad circulation and neuropathy). Almost do it in my way there, but if I didn’t got there on time I wouldn’t tell you. Everything was a dream. The Koch brothers democrats, charitable, humans…


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