As controversy bubbles in the Rand Paul camp, his (radical?!) libertarian views have come to the forefront the media's interest. In a recent Rachel Maddow show, a systematic dissection of "politicianese " was done. This kind of investigative journalism is what makes Ms.Maddow's show one of the best in its respective field.. So without further ado here are the issues I thought should have been clearified by Dr.Paul and Maddow. Centralized on the tenth title of the 1964 Civil Right Act.

If it's a private business that does NOT offer public accommodation then Dr.Paul may have a legitimate query. However he did not specify this therefore it's very hard to support him. Now Rachel brings up an interesting argument, that challenges Mr.Pauls enveloping doctrine as a human being. Is Segregation (NOT necessarily Racism) bad or good? It's a question that everyone should ask themselves. It may be subjectively good for certain business owners. Well until they get boycotted...

The argument is about segregation. Two Water fountains in a private restaurant. one for blacks and one for whites. Both races get accommodation, the same service and advantages. Is that wrong? Why? It doesn't infringe 10th title on the Civil Rights Act. Is it possible to segregate equally?

What are your answers to these questions...

Overall Dr.Paul is showing how green he is to political rhetoric and I'm surprised his PR staff hasn't not given him the correct talking points.Nontheless he is stll a top vote getter in his quest for Senate.



bum 9 years 35 weeks ago

Yes Mr Paul, accidents happen. You are living proof.

kwikfix 9 years 35 weeks ago

If a private business has the right to discrimate on the basis of race, We The People have the right to discriminate and deny the business a license to operate in our community. Tit-for-tat, baby.

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