Rich people don't go to jail. Jail is for little people and the occasional Martha Stewart. Once in jail, it costs three dollars a minute in some places to make a phone call. When my brother was in jail in Kentucky for six weeks a few years ago, he was presented with a phone usage bill for $800. The guy had no income and three kids at the time and some Republican donor's company just made out like landline bandits and get to recycle a portion of the profit back into the corrupt politician who made the deal and privatized the jail's phone system in the first place.

The local government feels free and unburdened from giving quaters to inmates to put into pay phones for literally no cost. They would rather contract out the quarter giving for millions of dollars to a company who then charges the poor bastard in jail whatever they want. The corrupt, Reaganomic government holds open your buttcheeks and their private phone friends dive in. Now, the local population has been hammered with crazy bills and the economy sucks in the town/county/state because they have a huge jail phone bill and won't be shopping for months to pay off an out-of-state company.

The racism problem with unarmed people of color being shot by police is a byproduct of class warfare being waged upon the 99.9% by the .1%. We should speak of and categorize these incidents of bigotry as class warfare. It doesn't need more specificity like top down class warfare because bottom up class warfare doesn't exist it is just a shill talking point meant to confuse people and benefit billionaires.

Jail phone bills in the hundreds and being shot in the back while unarmed and running away are problems stemming directly from class warfare. Money has been perverted into a tool of the filthy rich as a way of neutralizing and reversing democracy in 2015 America. Tell everyone you can about Bernie.


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LysanderSpooner 4 years 41 weeks ago

This is government in action. Instead of trying to improve it, abolish it.

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