I've been looking on the internet for why no one sells them anymore. Seems that they contain a form of methamphetamine called Levomethamphetamine. It is supposed to be a form that is non-addictive. Amazon.com and other on-line merchants only sell the fake ones made in India...they say on them Vicks Inhaler but not Vicks VaporInhaler. The original Vicks VaporInhalers were .007 oz but the ones from India are something like .025 oz and do not contain the Levo-methamphetamine, or just L-methamphetamine, only menthol and camphor. You'll find deceptive wording at Amazon.com and other places that say that they are the .007 Vicks VaporInhalers but according to their fine print they say that "Legal Disclaimer: Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website." And people have left comments (complaints) that the advertised product was not what they got....they got the stuff from India.

I understand that the Vicks VapoRub does not contain L-methamphetamine. And it's not a problem buying that.

I have heard that some states are requiring showing ID before you can buy certain cough medicines like NyQuil and other kinds. They can be used to manufacture Meth.


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Palindromedary 3 years 39 weeks ago

This controversy has been going on for quite a few years...had no idea. I very rarely used them, myself, over the years. Just occasionally, when I had a stuffed up nose. Seems kids use Vicks Vapor Inhalers at Rave parties. They put their mouths over the back end where the side holes are and blow it out through where you would normally inhale through the nose...but into someone else's eyes. Sounds pretty dumb to me but I guess they get a high out of it. Very dangerous, I'd say....blowing that stuff into someone's eyes.

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