You know John Stewart,Colbert and Ed Shultz having this rally in answer to beck is such a good idea. I wonder how many progressives and fed up Democrats will attend? Do you think they will out do the Tea party crazy's? I hope so. I know progressives are angry but to tell the honest truth they have not been as vocal as the so called tea party. We elected the President and then sat back and did nothing. Do you think that we would be were we are now if we had shouted from the rooftops for health care? No we sat back and let the Republicans pull it to pieces.

They lied and fought it tooth and nail and we let them. Every day they were on the TV. Their right wing radio types were jumping up and down in their seats, and we sat back. The so called Southern Democrats were so scared that they openly said they would not back it. what a travesty. Now that we have a watered down version it is better than nothing but a lot worse than what we could have had if everyone who voted for the President were as vocal as the Republicans who were so scared of their Corporate money makers, the bought votes from the Insurance companies and big Hospital Corporations. I would never vote for a Republican and hope that every one will get out and vote in November so that we can get something done. We are too quick at blaming President Obama, there is enough to go around, from his staff, to the Senate, and on down to us. I have cussed at the TV so often when pundits decide he has not done this or that. When the media comes down on him.

If Fox is in lock step with the Republicans you would think MSNBC would stop trying to be fair and balanced and just give him a little more credit than they have been. It is no good getting riled up now, where were you the last 2 years??????? All I can say is get out to the rally if you can. Get out and vote for the Democrats even if you are angry. Stand up for the party, if you want more you have to work for it. Never let the other side know how angry you are at the administration. Let them know how much you dislike the party of NO and the crazy fringe that if we don't do something will take over the Government and believe me you do not want fascists running the country. Hitler's party might have had the title Socialist but in actual fact it was so far to the right it could go no further.just research his manifesto and you will see how close the right wing is becoming to it. no where near Socialist.


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pamrod3 7 years 4 weeks ago

just writing down thoughts makes this terrible time feel better. I get so frustrated with the party of NO it gives me stress and insomnia.

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