The renowned physicist Michio Kaku, interviewed on MSNBS, described the helicopters dumping water over the molten Nuclear plants in Japan as "using a squirt gun to fight a forest fire". Mr. Kaku prescribed "The Chernobyl Option"- using SAND+BORIC ACID+CONCRETE. He stated that The Japanese Army should be activated to implement this option NOW! It would basically entomb the molten reactors and hopefully prevent worse contamination and catastrophe worldwide. I phoned all our California Representatives, the White House, The Office of Safety & Pollution Prevention, The Office of Air & Radiation, The Dept. of Energy, and The Office of Nuclear Energy! Miraculously, I reached Mr. John Gross, who took time to speak with me about Japans' Nuclear Disaster. He told me that Japan is mixing Boric Acid into the water that they are currently dropping onto the imperiled Nuclear plants. He reassured me that the Japanese Gov't. is working tirelessly to address this dire problem,with the assistance of world-wide authorities. I responded that I am sure they are working hard, my concern is whether their valiant efforts are going to being EFFECTIVE and TIMELY! Time is of the essence. Not only are millions of Japanese citizens in harms way, but the rest of the planet is downwind&water- particularly we Californians! Mr. Gross was very attentive and thoughtful in his responses. He told me that we Americans are limited in our role in this Japanese crisis, since this is not our country, and we are not directly in charge. Our American officials can only recommend, but they cannot command another nation to do what we think is best! I asked him if multiple nations, or NATO, agrees that Mr. Michio Kakus' option, could we approach the Japanese officials to implement "The Chernobyl Option"?? He explained that each Nuclear plant crisis is different, yet the SAND+BORIC ACID+CONCRETE is a possible effective plan of attack. Our conversation left it as an open question. I ask Thom to please get Mr. Kaku on your evening Big Picture program- contact him a.s.a.p. to pre-interview him on his "Chernobyl Option". We civilians are at the disposal of our American leaders, to offer the best solutions and push Japanese officials to implement these viable solutions immediately. In the meantime, let us all VISUALIZE these imperiled Japanese Nuclear Plants being entombed by this Sand/Boric Acid/Concrete- it certainly can't hurt, and may help if millions of us are praying, imagining, visualizing, and phoning our Representatives if we know a viable solution- Please interview Mr. KAKU, and have him on your evening T.V. show! THANKS!


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Parodux 7 years 39 weeks ago

Please correct a small error in my recent blog, The Chernobyl Option. Mr Kaku was interviewed on MSNBC(not MSNBS!!!!). Please fix my mistake! Many Thanks for all you do.

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doh1304 7 years 39 weeks ago

Apparently little known factoid: Dr. Kaku has a credability problem with many (not necessarily conservative but generally older and therefore status-quo) scientists for having somewhat alarmist views on nuclear issues. Note however the first line of his resume: "born, Hiroshima, Japan, 1945"

Dr. Kaku, feel free to insert "I told you so" here.

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