We could call this period we are living in as "The Big Steal". As Thom just described, there are a number of mechanisms by which the elites are stealing wealth of working Americans. Killing pensions, stopping minimum wage increases, foreclosing on homes, rigged mortgage lending, college loans, credit card fraud, etc.

American wealth is rising to the 1% at an ever increasing rate.

"Tax reform" anyone?


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BenDorigan 34 weeks 2 days ago

The wealth gap in America, the distance between the haves and the have nots, took off like a rocket ship after Reagan's tax cuts, fueled further by Bush Jr.'s. Now our moron-in-chief is going to give them even more, "the biggest tax cuts ever!" They're going to have all the money and they're going to continue to fuel the right-wing media message that "government is bad," so that their base will continue to support any legislation that limits and weakens government's power to stand up against their will. Concord Jet to Oligarchy, anyone?

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