To whom this may concern.... I have given this allot of thought, and I believe this will develop allot of jobs, and make things quite a bit safer from all the weapons that are in the United States. There is only 4 reason to have a weapon. #1 hunting, #2 target shooting, #3 Collector, #4 protection.. Each weapon should have sensor unit, or tracking device, which makes it capable to be located by authorities, and they will know what kind of weapon it is, and where it is being used, which with the technology we have, should not be a problem. Everyone who has a weapon, would be required to have this installed in their weapons (rifles and pistols). Each owner of weapons, would have to have a security cabinet that houses the weapons, that has a computerized lock on the door, with a keyboard on it. To take any gun out of the cabinet, you would have to type your reason for taking the gun out, Type the code for the gun, and the location you are going to be using the gun, and how long you will be using the gun. All the guns in the cabinet are registered with the sensors, so if you take out any gun other than the gun you have stated that you are using, then it will be known by the authorities, what kind of gun you took out, and you will be tracked down.. If you take the gun anywhere other than where you specified, you will be tracked down.. If it is an emergency, and you needed it to protect yourself, then you can still take it out quickly, without code, but it will be registered to authorities, for not using code, which is like a 911 call, and they will be there to find out what your reason was, which is a great way to alert authorities that something was going on at your house, that could be a robbery, life or death, etc.. I believe this could solve allot of unnecessary killing. Every gun made should have that device made into the gun, accept for war weapons, which should not be sold to civilians at all.. Phillip Zane Arnhold 10/18/2017


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gumball 1 year 6 weeks ago

And what will be the punishment for those that do not go along with this?

From a practical standpoint, there are hundreds of millions of guns in the US. Your idea is not even vaguely enforceable.

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Kilosqrd 1 year 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the laugh, Phiilip.


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