Hello, I never post personal blog posts. But this fire has wiped out half my town.

The fire was being pushed North by the winds, until Sunday 6-30-2013, when the wind turned 180 degrees. It blew the flames with gusts of 40 mph into the Glen Ilah area, covering a 1.5 miles in less than 30 minutes.

As of now, 19 firefighters are dead, 18 from the Granite Mountain Hotshot group. No word on regular folks. The biggest problem is being a very rural area, most folks move there to retire, and turn into hermits. Hermits tend to stay to them selves. And many of them are rugged individuals, and were unlikely to listen to evacuation orders.

One of our friends were loaded and waiting for the evacuation order, when the fire turned, and they left right away. The flames were burning the North end of their home as they drove off. They were sure some of their neighbors were still at home.

At least 200 homes are destroyed, burning over 8,000 acres of Chaparral and Manzanitas, and with no containment as of Monday morning, the fire has jumped the highway, and is getting into an area of a 3000' high ridge with one road that is rarely maintained. So from that area, to Wickenburg (Southwest) 15 miles away, Lake Pleasant 25 miles (South), half of that region will only be able to be fought from the air. Towards Prescott (North and East), there are more roads, good paved highways, and much of the area is just grasslands and canyons. That is the direction of the winds now, and hopefully the firecrews will be able to get that flank under control soon.



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DdC 6 years 16 weeks ago

19 of my buddies died in Arizona this morning
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from another forum

I was a wild land firefighter in New Mexico and Colorado for three years back in the 90's. And when any of them dies in a fire, it's like part of the family. Wild land firefighting is a group of people that really care about the land and forests of this country. When you're one of them, you watch their back, and you know they've got yours.

I don't know what went wrong, but there should have been a slurry bomber or helicopter dropping fire retardant to give them an escape, but it didn't happen. 19 heroes died this morning, and I'd sure like some answers as to why. It's the worst tragedy for firefighters since 9/11.
Rest in peace my friends.

Arizona fire chief: 'We're devastated'
Only one of the 20-member crew survived; he was in a different location.

The unkindest cuts: Sequester cuts could affect firefighting, recreation
Sequestration cuts of $132 million in the Forest Service's wildland fire management budget put that budget $42 million below the average cost of just battling wildfires, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack wrote to the Senate Committee on Appropriations Feb. 5. The budget is also used to hire seasonal firefighters and conduct forest treatments to reduce wildfire danger.

Tax Cuts Don't Lead to Economic Growth, a New 65-Year Study Finds

Deadly Arizona Wildfire That Killed 19 Firefighters Being Blamed on ‘Global Warming’

Fire! fire on the mountain! 05-24-2008
We had one in 08, that long ago already.
"I'm closer to the Ocean, out of the path.
I could smell the smoke this morning."

But no one ever listens...

Building Materials & Housing

Because one acre of hemp produces as much cellulose fiber pulp as 4.1 acres of trees, hemp is the perfect material to replace trees for pressed board, particle board and for concrete construction molds.

Practical, inexpensive fire-resistant construction material, with excellent thermal and sound-insulating qualities, is made by heating and compressing plant fibers to create strong construction paneling, replacing dry wall and plywood. William B. Conde of Conde’s Redwood Lumber, Inc. near Eugene, Oregon, in conjunction with Washington State University (1991-1993), has demonstrated the superior strength, flexibility, and economy of hemp composite building materials compared to wood fiber, even as beams.

Isochanvre, a rediscovered French building material made from hemp hurds mixed with lime, actually petrifies into a mineral state and lasts for many centuries. Archeologists have found a bridge in the south of France, from the Merovingian period (500-751 A.D.), built with this process.

Hemp has been used throughout history for carpet backing. Hemp fiber has potential in the manufacture of strong, rot resistant carpeting -eliminating the poisonous fumes of burning synthetic materials in a house or commercial fire, along with allergic reactions associated with new synthetic carpeting.

Plastic plumbing pipe (PVC pipes) can be manufactured using renewable hemp cellulose as the chemical feed stocks, replacing non-renewable coal or petroleum based chemical feed stocks.

So we can envision a house of the future built, plumbed, painted, and furnished with the world’s number-one renewable resource - hemp.

Grateful Dead Fire! fire on the mountain!

"The House That Hemp Built"
Excerpts from the April 1996 High Times article, "Hemp in the Home".

The advantages of building with hemp hurds are numerous. Not only does the hemp replace the need for wood, bricks, and fiberglass insulation, but the hardened material is mold and insect-resistant and fire-retardant. It's also many times lighter than cement, sets in a couple of hours and provides both thermal and sound insulation.

Hemp Facts
Hemp Roots: Anchor and Aerate soil. Reduce soil loss because of erosion and mudslides by reducing the velocity of runoff. Detoxify soil by pulling metals and toxins (including radioactive elements) from ground.

Hemp "Eats" Chernobyl Waste, Offers Hope For Hanford
In 1998, Consolidated Growers and Processors (CGP), PHYTOTECH, and the Ukraine's Institute of Bast Crops began what may be one of the most important projects in history - the planting of industrial hemp for the removal of contaminants in the soil near Chernobyl.

HempFlax Insulation
Hemp is naturally resistant to moths and beetles
extra chemical application is avoided.

High on Hemp

Straw Bale Construction Passes The Fire Test
Plastered straw bale walls have been proven, now,
to be a fire- safe envelope for both residential and commercial buildings...

Hemp-baled Houses
Just like strawbales, but using the stalks of Cannabis sativa, instead of cereal crops. The first to lay claim to this method were the owners of Hempola, who, about four years ago, built a 7,000 square feet octagonal shaped house in Canada’s Ontario. True to their calling they also clad the roof in hemp-based shingles from EnviroShake. A more recent wall raising, using hemp-bales, has been happening on Salt Spring Island, near Vancouver.

Ganja Eases Traumatic Memories
Scientists have known for years that the brain makes substances almost identical to the active ingredient in marijuana, but the function of these "cannabinoids" remained mysterious. Researchers now say they help to extinguish traumatic memories. "In certain situations, being able to forget is very important for emotional survival," said George Kunos, a neurobiologist at the National Institutes of Health.

Using cannabis allows most people a more complete rest with a higher amount of “alpha time” during sleep as compared with prescription or sleep-inducing patent sedatives.

Lung Cleaner and Expectorant Jack Herer
Cannabis is the best natural expectorant to clear the human lungs of smog, dust, and the phlegm associated with tobacco use.

Marijuana smoke effectively dilates the airways of the lungs, the bronchi, opening them to allow more oxygen into the lungs. It is also the best natural dilator of the tiny airways of the lungs, the bronchial tubes—making cannabis the best overall bronchial dilator for 80% of the population (the remaining 20% sometimes show minor negative reactions).

(See section on asthma—a disease that closes these passages in spasms—UCLA Tashkin studies, 1969-95; U.S. Costa Rican, 1980-82; Jamaican studies 1968-74.)

Statistical evidence—showing up consistently as anomalies in matched populations—indicate s that persons who smoke tobacco cigarettes are usually better off and will live longer if they smoke cannabis moderately, too. (Jamaican, Costa Rican studies.)

Millions of Americans have given up or avoided smoking tobacco products in favor of cannabis, which is not good news to the powerful tobacco lobby—Senator Jesse Helms and his cohorts. A turn of the century grandfather clause in U.S. tobacco law allows 400 to 6,000 additional chemicals to be added. Additions since then to the average tobacco cigarette are unknown, and the public in the U.S. has no right to know what they are.

Many joggers and marathon runners feel cannabis use cleans their lungs, allowing better endurance.

The evidence indicates cannabis use will probably increase these outlaw American marijuana-users’ lives by about one to two years—but they can lose their rights, property, children, state licenses, etc., just for using that safest of substances: cannabis.

STORY: 19 firefighters die battling Ariz. blaze
STORY: How you can help

STORY: Arizona's Dude Fire has been example of extreme blaze
STORY: Arizona firefighter deaths most since Sept. 11, 2001

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