The answer has several roots—general human nature and economic opportunism. For example, most of us have unconditional terms about helping our immediate family. We have conditional terms about our neighbors, our community in general and our nation as a whole. As the scope of distressed humanity expands, our willingness to help out diminishes. Now consider the plight of the world’s poor outside of our own country, and it is no surprise to realize that we expend very little energy worrying about a peasant barely making it on a subsistence farm in Africa, or a refuge starving in a camp in a war-torn country.

With regard to the ultra wealthy in general or the leaders of cutthroat capitalist enterprises (take Mitt Romney for example), the masses have value primarily as cheap sources of labor to fuel their enterprises. Helping out students with loans for higher education seems counterproductive to them. These people are more likely to favor the Democratic Party, more likely to be liberal and, after all, since they are Americans they are less likely to suffer exploitation readily and be content to work for peanuts forever. Supporting students of this type only supports the institutions of higher learning (of which they believe there are far too many, and populated by liberal faculty) and educate people beyond most of their anticipated needs for American industry. After all, the world is ripe with foreign workers who can be brought into the US on work visas, paid far less money than educated Americans, are unable to vote, and will keep their heads down and will do what they are told.

One reason to reduce and eliminate programs such as national health care and Social Security is to keep the pressure on the masses to simply survive, while keeping the financial pressure on government to pay for programs which result from shortchanging workers. Take Walmart’s business model as an example, where vast numbers of their workers qualify for food stamps and Medicaid because they are not paid a living wage. Amidst this chaos, predators flourish.

The John Birch crowd and their spawn, just like traditional racists and hyper-capitalists, have been lying in the weeds for decades planning their takeover. Now they are coming into the open like they never have before, emboldened by gerrymandered congressional districts, mass misinformation campaigns and purchased elected officials. They are gleeful that they are becoming the undisputed top dogs and have accomplished amazing feats of deception, all clothed in patriotism, fake news and government obstruction.

President Blackula totally freaked them out and they are working overtime to tip the scale “before it’s too late”, even if it guts the country. Lighting the building on fire, as they seem to be doing, is no different than a mad man’s way of regaining control of a repossessed property.


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