Ever wonder how and why Fox News (Tox News) comes up with the trash that they pass off as information. I believe they have a programming formula that is designed to create a drip….drip…drip of negativity, in their overriding goal of turning people against the government. The examples below are part of their daily game plan that they use to flesh out their toxic messaging.

1. Education is bad message: They give a daily example of some “outrage” of overreaching in schools. E. g., some twerp who sketched a gun in the snow with his urine and was chastised by the principal; some dysfunctional who wore her NRA “you’ll have to pry it from my dead, cold hands” T shirt and was dealt some discipline by the school since this crossed the line on dress and demeanor. Of course many of these little darlings were put up to their parlor tricks by their patriotic, bullying parents, who feel that they are taking a bullet for freedom by egging them on and getting them on Tox News.

2. Government is bad message: Their programs are abundant with little trivials about how government has run amuck. How someone applied for social security for their dog and got accepted. How dead people have registered to vote. As with many of these little vignettes, they are rare and exaggerated. But to hear them pitch it, this is typical, not atypical.

3. Liberals hate Christianity message: Let’s start with the annual “war on Christmas”. Stay tuned because they fire up this little gem each and every “holiday” season. And while you are listening, you will hear about the conspiracy to infiltrate our society with Sharia Law.

4. Terrorists have super powers message: Knowing that President Obama wants to close down Gitmo, this automatically comes up every time a terrorist is caught and detained. Whoooooo…they can escape from prisons such as those that Charlie Manson and the Unibomber have been incarcerated for years. We must therefore keep them in Cuba to prevent the radioactive fallout that they would bring to the Homeland.

5. Everything Obama is bad message: For virtually everything that the President proposes or agrees to, they bring in an endless stream of nitwits to nip at his heels. Be afraid of everything the man does. Be on edge. Follow our BS and be terrified.

What a bunch of whiners and creeps. How can anyone stand to work there and be a ”news whore”? If any of our kids whined like this we would tell them to ‘knock that crap off and do your homework.’ They have a virtually septic tank of negativity which, while it pays, must feel pretty empty at the end of the day.

Have your own examples of their poison plan to share? These folks are like the mad hatters who became daft by chronic exposure to mercury. If Tox News is your only diet of information, you will eventually become sick and die. Maybe this somehow ties into Alan Grayson’s message about GOP health care.


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