Republicans have “concern” for young people who have to pay for health care insurance? Really, are they serious?

Are these the same people who are screwing young people on education loan interest rates? The same people trying to screw them out of the right to vote where they go to school? Another amazing and bogus pseudo-emphathy fraud perpetuated by the outrage industry.

It seems that the fundamental concept of insurance in our society is being ignored.

1. You can’t insure only sick or accident prone people! [they know that, of course and this is a poison pill]

2. Even healthy people can get sick or have accidents. Guess who pays when they don’t have insurance?

3. We REQUIRE everyone to have car insurance, house insurance (if you have a loan) and boat insurance--because it is needed to protect others and permit credit. Imagine what it would be like if we didn’t. They even require it in Transylvania!

By their logic, if my house doesn’t burn down this year or I don’t have a claim I should receive a refund for my entire policy amount. Even Homer Simpson could figure out that this wouldn’t work. Yet, babble on insincerely they do, hoping to keep the background noise level up high enough that some will not get it.

This makes as much sense as pretending that the AFA would put someone between you and your doctor. Well, my friends, I would take a chance on a public employee in that position any day, rather than today’s insurance company bean counter.

The main jobs at insurance companies involve denying claims. The AFA makes that game much harder for the insurance company because of the new rules. Unfortunately, the insurance company is still involved and still between you and your doctor with the AFA. What we really need is a single payer system that takes the profiteering out of health care. The insurance company is no more than a bad parasite between you and your health care. Good parasites don’t kill their hosts. Time for an anthelmintic.


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