Last week the spokesperson for the New York cops union said some offensive things. Altogether he was immature, non-conciliatory and stupid. Unable to take any criticism and used to having things their way (easier if you have a badge and a gun), he tossed some gas on the fire, rather than taking an intelligent approach.

Like the hard ass military in the US, he thinks they should be running the show, not the president or the mayor (the wussy civilians as some probably call them). His in your face comments probably inflammed some people of color--they certainly annoyed my white bread pedigree. And it looks like he may have helped the crazy guy from Baltimore decide to target his members in New York--but he is too arrogant to see that. Nice move Rambo. I think Lynch speaks to much of the problem. As he sort of put it, 'all these people need to do is what an officer tells them and there won't be any problems.'

This moron was back at it again after the death of the two officers in Brooklyn. Big mouthed, confrontational. If this is the kind of leadership the police in New York think is best for them, then the attitude problem is probably worse than we thought among the rank and file. The police are definately part of the problem and their spokesman publicly shows that to be true.

The mayor was right to talk to his bi-racial son about how to behave around police and right to tell the public that, unfortunately, this is still necessary.

There are a lot of crazy people out their that the hard asses don't seem to mind agitating. I guess this is the worse use of the first amendment--by bullies and misanthropes.


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