Maybe THEY are tone deaf, or are they faking a foul. What’s with the victim-talk BS. Most of us who support Bernie don’t like the tone of the Republican candidates or the Republican party or the Supreme Court or the Speaker of the House or Majority Leader of the Senate or the climate science deniers.

If Bernie is being characterized as having a tone problem, we have to wonder what Hillary’s actions will be if she becomes the nominee. This tone talk echoes Trump’s so-called concerns that he be “treated fairly.” So if Hillary’s spokespersons don’t like Bernie’s tone, I suggest that they adjust their own message. I don’t like their tone of suggesting that Bernie is a single issue candidate, or that his plans are impractical.

This tactic on the Hillary campaign’s part only makes her look like a whiner. It also may be a prelude to some hard ball on their part, for which they have to create a rationale for—even if imagined or fabricated. Instead, they should shut up and keep rowing (and debate Bernie in New York).


Lore's picture
Lore 3 years 24 weeks ago

The problem is that Hillary's campaign is being run like the republicans -- a lot of attacks, misrepresentations and propaganda to her own supporters to attack 'berniebots' and 'berniebros'. I was hearing their agenda being thrown around to stop as many people as possible from even listening to Bernie. the DailyNewsBin and BlueNationReview do a constant propaganda job against Bernie. Before people could open their mouth about Bernie's ideas and issues, we were called idiots and clueluess; the 'drop out' message was constant. I felt very much under attack while trying to be civil. The ideologues - I don't talk to them anymore - I just point out that's what they are and make my point without worrying about their comments, they are entitled to their own opinions, but the facts don't change. I don't want to attacks Dems -- I want to discuss issues. Trying to educate some of the younger voters - to point out Republican propaganda against Hillary that is not factual is harder because of the HRC camp attacks against voters.

Lets say that Trump is sidelined -- which the RNC hopes to do. Can Hillary win against anyone else? This is a serious question that is being ignored and needs to be kept in mind. Bernie beats all that the current candidates.

The 'tone' -- is that intended as 'stop attacking Hillary' but let her attack Bernie? Is that the 'new' message? The univision debate Bernie didn't hold back and gave her a debate that was real. She floundered and fell flat. She doesn't want to do that again.

If Hillary wins -- we can ride her back on every issues and every representative - as Bernie expects us to. As he will direct - I expect from Vermont as Senator. But to get things done for the 99%. The problem will be the Republican obstruction of racism will be Republican obstruction of misogyny.

So I think we can win either way -- but HRC is not winning voters or encouraging the 'hope' that Thom has in her.

Robindell's picture
Robindell 3 years 24 weeks ago

The so-called establishment Republicans believe in social Darwinism, which is plain and simple a destructive, supremacy-driven "philosphy."

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