Donald is Handing Out the Cootie-Infested Blankets to Fellow Republicans-- most are taking them

Here comes the big show, the much-anticipated national convention. The coronation of the Emperor Donald. While many Republicans are holding their noses, they have to be there, embrace him and risk getting Trump cooties on them that will last long after he loses the November election. This is social justice at its finest. Those that incubated all of this discontent, those that profited from it, now have to take their dose of medicine from the quack pharmacist, Dr. Don. If they object, he will sock it to them you can be sure. He has been selling these blankets out of the back of his drug store chuck wagon for over a year now. None of the remedies, antidotes or potions that the GOP (Government of the Potholes) has tried to employ have succeeded in putting a silver bullet in this zombie from New York. So it is with great anticipation that we can watch the capitalistic acolytes wince, shiver, quiver and fumble, hoping that they don’t have to be photographed with him or give feeble explanations to inquiring reporters about how they revere Don. They will be passing a lot of Purell hand sanitizer around to try to wash away the cooties, but they will stick to them like gentian violet on the thumbs of third world voters. Get out the popcorn and beer.