While some claim that they are more principled than the rest of us and cannot vote for either Trump or Clinton, I have a different view. Time for these folks to climb off of their hobby horses and be real. This is not a private ego game that is going on here. A significant amount of the Republican propaganda has been geared towards driving down the vote for Clinton, knowing full well that they are never going to persuade these disaffected voters to support Trump. They are targeting people like you with their drip drip negatives about Hillary.

This is actually a two-fer. They drive down more moderate voters who might typically vote for the Democratic presidential candidate, but in this case they are really focused on the congressional outcomes. They want to preserve enough of a margin to spoil a Clinton presidency in ways they have over the last 8 years with Obama. Budget fights, government shut downs, judicial appointment obstruction and other destroy-evil-government strategies; crazy rude outbursts from demented neocons in their ranks. After all, the less effective government is (their real goal) the easier it is for the pigs to get to the trough.

So, those of you who are high and mighty about voting Libertarian or Green are being played. I saw this strategy play out on Fox “News” yesterday when a panel of Fox pundits interviewed Jill Stein. Instead of beating the crap out her, like they usually would, they were polite and reserved--highly uncharacteristic of these sharks. It was bizzare to see this take place. Aside from the secret hope that she might hang herself, my gut tells me that they were hoping to leave an opening for potential Hillary voters to vote for someone else, and eventually just stay home. Why would Krauthammer and Will be so laid back? They both hate Trump, who has been merciless to them. They look at Stein and Johnson as siphons for potential Hillary voters and for Democratic Senate and House candidates and want to keep them alive for now. Don’t be conned. Time to swallow your ego and vote Democratic.

Don't be a deer in the headlights. Live to fight another day when the world is more perfect. Unless the oligarchs wreck the planet first that is.


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