While Don likes to carry on about the danger that Muslims pose to our fragile America (no longer the home of the brave?), years ago he adopted one of their ancient ruling models. Given the seemingly hundreds of things that he has promised to do if elected, it would be impossible to carry them off without the absolute authority that a calif possessed. Ironic? Coincidence?

These promises range from doing more torture of our supposed enemies (waterboarding would be a surfing vacation by comparison), instant remedies for the Flint water crisis, wiping out poverty, crime and unemployment in the inner cities tomorrow, setting up a health care system that would put Obamacare to shame.

The list is endless, the promises feckless, and the tax cuts he would try to implement would assure that none of it would ever get done. Yet, his Wrestlemania crowd of followers like his style—he's kind of like the guy in the ring with the mask who smashes chairs over his opponents’ heads. In their minds, these problems should be simple to solve, so he offers simple solutions to these simpletons, who resent complex problems with complex solutions. Many of these people are the same ones who didn’t do their homework while growing up (or copied some else). Their view of the world is simple….screw the rest of the planet, I want my gas guzzling pickup truck and I want it now, and supersize that order of fries while you are at it. This is the ME crowd that he is cultivating not the WE crowd. I guess we will find out if there are more MEs than Wes in November.

You may ask yourself why the media has not done a better job investigating and outing the Trump facade. But why would they want to kill the goose that is laying golden eggs for their ratings and bottom lines? Afterall they are capitalist tools, not journalists. The vampire is rarely killed off in the script before the movie is over. For us that is early November. Suddenly then, we will learn a lot more about Trump because this starts the next news marathon, But if he is elected president, that information will come too late for the chair throwing that will follow.


Legend 3 years 18 weeks ago

The mainstream media is owned and operated by the 1%.

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