BUT, we are simply expected to take his word for building AMAZING businesses, yet he provides no basis for any evaluation or truth telling.

After the election he is under no burden of disclosure about his taxes. We would never know and he would go about his business as usual, scamming anyone he can to raise his bottom lines—using the tools of government to score big time. While he claims to be no politician, that is exactly what he is, but without accountability. His business career has been highly political, lobbying and essentially buying political favors in a high stakes pay to play business game that the peons and small business people could not possibly have access too.

Accountability means transparency on tax returns. We need to know who he has been screwing along the way and particularly how many tax dollars he has screwed veterans, the military, police programs social programs and education out of. He says that because he exploited and lobbied for tax loopholes to benefit himself personally that he would be the right man for the job. After all, a crook knows best how to prevent other crooks from succeeding.

On that basis, we should put people like Charles Manson in charge of the federal prison system, and Ken Lay as head of the treasury, and Ted Bundy as presidential liaison for women’s rights, and appoint people like James Earl Ray to head the civil rights division of the US Justice Department.

With this kind of thinking, which Trump has demonstrated over and over again, bringing iconic crooks out of prison could be his binder of appointees.


Coalage1 3 years 21 weeks ago

Trump said he would release his returns when Hillary releases all of the missing emails. Not sure one is equivalent to the other but it was a good line and response from him.

He also zinged her a little over her staff members either taking the 5th or getting immunity because of the email investigation. If there was no wrong doing, then what's up with that?

Did this debate really move any uncommitted voters either way? I seriously doubt it.

Legend 3 years 21 weeks ago

Hilary has released 30 years of taxes. Name one other person that has released thousands of emails other than Hilary. What has Donald released? Yet we know that he has a deplorable (no pun intended) record in Business. It is well establised that he is a HUGE liar. How can you vote for him?

al3's picture
al3 3 years 21 weeks ago

How many years has Thom said "The first Republican that promises to blow up trade agreements will win!" or something like that? Well, that's excactly what Trump is doing. That's also why I believe the media is tending to focus on terror attacks (Muslims) and police killings (African Americans) the last several months...and will be more intense promoting these stories til the election. Because these problems divide people. News about terror and race have been burying news about so-so economic news, economic inequality, and corporate malfeasance...like the Wells Fargo story....stories that possibly can unite people - look at how the W-F and Epipen cases united D and R's in Congress.

Coalage1 3 years 21 weeks ago

I didnt say I was going to vote for the Donald. I also wouldnt say he has a "deplorable business record". On the other hand, how can you vote for Hillary? You'll vote for her because she calls herself a democrat even though she is clearly the favorite of the elite and the 1%.

Legend 3 years 21 weeks ago

Because she will nominate Supreme CourtJustices that will overturn Citizens United, maintain womens rights to choice, protcet Planned Parenthood, protect the environment. Yes Donald has a deplorable business record. Right now, if she is a favorite of the elite and the 1% it is only because they consider Trump to be a mad man that somehow got the Republican Nomination and they are still trying to figure out how that happened.

Coalage1 3 years 21 weeks ago

If Hillary is your gal, then go for it. She is a favorite of the elite and the 1% because she is one of them and always has been. And yes, they probably are scared of Trump because the have nots are finally paying attention. Same for many of the Sanders supporters.

By the way, I never heard a peep last night about abortion, Planned Parenthood, gay rights, etc. Donald Trump doesn't care diddly squat about any of those issues.

Legend 3 years 21 weeks ago

Google the 2016 Republican Party Platform and the 2016 Democratic Party Platform and compare them. Vote for the Party Platform of your choice. These platforms were written and agreed to by the candidates and Party Leaders. By the way voting for Trump is really voting for Pence as your leader and Trump as your spokesman.

Coalage1 3 years 21 weeks ago

Whats the platform have to do with anything? Unless the democrats retake control of Congress, HC has little chance of passing her so-called agenda...unless of course she joins with her war hawk brothers in supporting continued military action around the globe. I suspect she will get along well with McCain and Lindsay Graham.

Legend 3 years 21 weeks ago

You obviously have not read it or understand what it is and what it is for.

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