# 1- Your Führer’s List: How’s That Choice Working Out for You So Far?- #1

Definition of a Sucker

  • a person who is easily tricked or deceived
  • a person who is very strongly attracted to a particular type of thing or person
  • an annoying person or thing

Definitionof a Tell

· to act as a evidence or an indication

For all of the suckers who voted for Fürher Don, stay tuned. The false promises and lies of your man in Washington will be enumerated. The proof is becoming apparent every day. Of course, none of this will faze many of you in the short term, since there are a lot of cult worshipers among you, not objective citizens. So maybe after your führer’s list grows to dozens of outright contradictions and falsehoods, you will seek therapy to understand how you could have been so naïve and vulnerable to have voted for this guy.

Let’s see how this works out for you. Let’s try to measure how your big solution is evolving, compared to the problems you thought you had before. There is no Lemon Law when it comes to elections. You will have to marinate in your own witch’s brew for quite a while with the rest of us. Some of you may believe in the healing powers of the Miracle Water preacher on TV, or believe that the World Wrestling Federation actually stages athletic contests, or that Tox News is in the news business. Time to put on your Pampers and get ready for a long famine. In will affect your Social Security, your Medicare benefits and your everyday pocket book. What you will surely end up with is what the students of Trump University got, a load of bullshit; the essential difference will be that you will not get a rebate through a class action lawsuit. More likely, you have increased your changes of eating cat food in your senior years, if you make it there, and will count yourself lucky if you can rent an old double-wide in your sunset days.

See the above definitions of a Sucker and a Tell. The good thing is that all of his promises are measurable. They will have consequences and outcomes. You will have to decide when the scale tips its balance. For some of you this will involve a lot of denial, while for others you will begin to think to yourself early….Oops.

#1. Drain the Swamp- actually the only thing going on so far is that one so-called swamp is being traded for another, less transparent, one. Notice how many insiders are being recruited for the new “team”? Notice how many lobbyists are being hired and consulted? Notice how we are getting ready for a big round of military spending? What is the führer getting ready for—less intervention in the world? I don’t think so. The most gigantic military budget in the world needs more stuff. What Dwight Eisenhower warned about was the military-industrial complex—a message that has largely been ignored since the 1950s.


zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 2 years 34 weeks ago


No doubt America just got conned by the biggest snowjob in history. I repeatedly said a segment of the US voter are the stupidest f""king electorate on the face of the planet. November 8th they just confirmed that. America isn't a republic or a democracy, America is now officially an idiocracy.

PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 2 years 34 weeks ago

I have come to the conclusion that Trump projected all of his sins by accusing all of his opponents of the same and much worse. Look at every single label, every single accusation and you will find that HE was doing those things in spades. So now we can pick them off one by one.........such as the current Pay to Play issue, and Self Dealing issues---the true mark of a demented psychopath. And to think that so many people fell for this bullshit. Yes, we have lots of idiots and gullibles here. And this is what some call American Exceptionalism. Really? They were looking for a Saviour and got the devil. Sort of poetic if it were not so nauseating.

TomDorr's picture
TomDorr 2 years 34 weeks ago

Zap: Wait four years before you call the US an idiocracy.

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