Thin-skinned Trump castigated this week’s protesters as “agitators” and implied that they were a conspiracy against him and that this was “unfair.” He walked that back a little when someone apparently said “Dial it back Dad, there you go again.” I suspect that only one of his kids could say that to him; aren’t they a bunch of geniuses…Next, I suspect that he may encourage some of his rally tough guys to meet those protesters in the street and “punch them in the face.”

He wants to make it easier to sue and intimidate reporters and news outlets who he believes are being unfair to him (so much for the first amendment). Where is this going? There are some good examples out there from recent dictators, who made sweeping decrees that prohibited the criticism of a regime. Say something bad about the President, go to jail. This dude has already shown that behavior with his ‘lock her up’ language and false allegations about Hillary committing felonies.

A good example of this type of executive behavior is Decree #88A which Liberian dictator Samuel K. Doe put into force in Liberia in the 1984, making is a crime to “spread rumors, lies and disinformation about the government.” And guess who got to determine if the decree was breached…all of Doe’s cronies. (here maybe the Trump Justice Department and the Trump FBI?)

I quote from the following source:

Perhaps the most far -reaching attempt to restrict both free speech and press freedom came in the form of Decree 88A, promulgated on July 21, 1984. The decree conferred sweeping powers on the security forces "to arrest and detain any person found spreading rumors, lies, and misinformation against any government official or individual either by word of mouth, writing or by public broadcast. " Under this "sword of Damocles," journalists continued to exert their independence, although always at a price to their individual freedoms and the survival of their media institutions. In 1986, after months of criticism, the decree was amended slightly, but it was never repealed until 1990 when civil war engulfed the country and the Doe government was overthrown.

Maybe now that their ass is on the line, some of the TV media folks will take more initiative on demanding truth telling from all their guests that they put on air. A zero tolerance for bullshit and lies. They blew it in epic proportions already, but now they have a reason to be self-interested in this heretofore flexible standard.

Stay tuned, this is going to be a long movie.


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