25 Questions the Corporate Media Has Told Their Reporters/Anchors Not to Ask Trump

1. When are you going to start making your shit in the USA instead of in sweat shops overseas?

​2. Should Americans do as you do, or do as you say?

​3. If you could trade the lives of your children for the destruction of ISIS, would you? What about the lives of other Americans' children?

4. If you believe how terrible the export of American jobs is, why have you made virtually all of your merchandize outside of the US?

5. Should patriotism exclude things that involve money? Same questions go for your daughter Ivanka.

6. If you believe in America jobs, why do you buy Chinese steel for your hotel construction?

7. Do you consider any of your employees middle class people? If so, why have you gone to all extremes to deny many of your employees living wages and undermine their rights to organize their labor democratically?

8. When are you going to file the lawsuits against Miss Universe and the other women who have accused you of sexual molestation?

9. Do you ever verify anything that you read on the internet which supports your motives or goals? Does it matter if you don’t?

10. Does the end always justify your means?

11. Why does your tie go half way to your knees?

12. Do any of your properties employ illegal aliens? What about in the past? Is it anyone’s business?

13. How much money did your wife make in the modeling jobs she took in the US before she was working here legally? Will she make income tax restitution for those monies received? Why did both of you lie about it?

14. Why do you promise things to get the press off of your back and then renig--such as releasing your tax returns, explaining you wife’s modeling work when she was an illegal alien here and putting your conflicts of interest to rest?

15. How much do you weigh? Do you think you’re fat and unattractive? Would anyone dare tell you?

16. Where is the plan?

17. What is the plan?

18. Do you make everything up out of thin air?

19. When will the bullshit stop? Do you think that no one notices, or that you have special privileges because you are special?

20. Do you think the truth matters?

21. Do you think of everyone else as a sucker?

​22. Do rich people like you get laid more often or is that just a coincidence?

23. When was the last time you laughed or honestly smiled, besides the time you made the crack about grabbing women by their pussies?

24. Can I have one of your tic tacks? What flavor do you recommend? In other words, which flavor have you scored with the most?

The world wants to know.

Bonus Question "25": ​["Oh, would you please autograph my press pass?"]

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