1. When are you going to start making your shit in the USA instead of in sweat shops overseas?

​2. Should Americans do as you do, or do as you say?

​3. If you could trade the lives of your children for the destruction of ISIS, would you? What about the lives of other Americans' children?

4. If you believe how terrible the export of American jobs is, why have you made virtually all of your merchandize outside of the US?

5. Should patriotism exclude things that involve money? Same questions go for your daughter Ivanka.

6. If you believe in America jobs, why do you buy Chinese steel for your hotel construction?

7. Do you consider any of your employees middle class people? If so, why have you gone to all extremes to deny many of your employees living wages and undermine their rights to organize their labor democratically?

8. When are you going to file the lawsuits against Miss Universe and the other women who have accused you of sexual molestation?

9. Do you ever verify anything that you read on the internet which supports your motives or goals? Does it matter if you don’t?

10. Does the end always justify your means?

11. Why does your tie go half way to your knees?

12. Do any of your properties employ illegal aliens? What about in the past? Is it anyone’s business?

13. How much money did your wife make in the modeling jobs she took in the US before she was working here legally? Will she make income tax restitution for those monies received? Why did both of you lie about it?

14. Why do you promise things to get the press off of your back and then renig--such as releasing your tax returns, explaining you wife’s modeling work when she was an illegal alien here and putting your conflicts of interest to rest?

15. How much do you weigh? Do you think you’re fat and unattractive? Would anyone dare tell you?

16. Where is the plan?

17. What is the plan?

18. Do you make everything up out of thin air?

19. When will the bullshit stop? Do you think that no one notices, or that you have special privileges because you are special?

20. Do you think the truth matters?

21. Do you think of everyone else as a sucker?

​22. Do rich people like you get laid more often or is that just a coincidence?

23. When was the last time you laughed or honestly smiled, besides the time you made the crack about grabbing women by their pussies?

24. Can I have one of your tic tacks? What flavor do you recommend? In other words, which flavor have you scored with the most?

The world wants to know.

Bonus Question "25": ​["Oh, would you please autograph my press pass?"]


zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 30 weeks ago

25 questions , are you seriously suggesting the 6 corporate owned media empires that control 90% of all news and information that Americans receive daily give two shits about honesty ,objectivism integrity. Give me a break.

DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 30 weeks ago

Trump is running a Multinational Corporation of the United States. Choosing his Board of Directors. On a Global Market with no allegiance to Americans or the Constitution. We have given up our citizenship and have become employees who pay the IRS for our jobs.


Profits over People. The bottom line dictates over emotional safety nets. Profit max cap prisons make the incentive to fill the cages, a higher priority than Civil Rights. Prohibition fills in many blanks. More tax and capital stimulating the economy than flipping burgers or working fields, Avg $35k/yr cost paid in tax dollars to the prison industrial complex plus income and sales tax back. Verses $12k-15k and no tax back. Or under the table and unemployed, all considered a greater "value" in a cage. Why Nixon made the Ganjawar so attractive for rounding up undesirables. Now for Koch's Profit Prisons and ALEC MaxCap its a win win in their eyes.

Spraying poisons on the cotton crop in the bible belt aborting more than RvW. Shut down clinics, more sick in need of treatment from big fat pharma. Now we know stopping cannabis tumor research has potentially murdered thousands of American citizens. Who paid billions of dollars to big fat pharma to "treat" what Ganja may have prevented or even cured. We are of more value to these Neocons "sick" than healthy. The last cure was Polio. It pissed off Carnegie Steel and the Cattleman's Association taking profits manufacturing leg braces.

Is this really what the America people are willing to put up with? The billionaires wrecking the roads and bridges. Then taking their responsibility and stashing it in offshore tax shelters. Outsourcing jobs, prison slave labor and importing workers all crushing the middle class. All benefitting the billionaires who are going to "fix" what ain't even broken to them?

Pollution creates profits for big pharma and high tech gadgets in ER's. Where the discharge people for efficiency so they can come back and start over with a new tab. Prohibition based on a lie has taken over a trillion dollars and eliminated competition for most of the corporations doing damage to the planet and democracy. Shunned by the corporate media that used to only print what they deemed "fit". Now they just broadcast what the Corporate memo's tell them too.

The Military Industrial Complex taking half of the total budget to protect corporate interests the same as Militarized Cops blinding protesters with rubber bullets for corporate interests. at Standing Rock. Suckering in out of work kids to fight and come back wounded or unstable. While the flag jerkers are no where to be found like they were sending them off. Disposable citizen employees.

The Untied States of Anemica

90% of American Media Controlled by 6 Corporations
The Corporate Muzzle
The inbedwith dis-infotainment: Gaza to Iraq
Freedom of the Press Foundation
Now They're Coming For The 1st?
They want to ██████ the Internet

zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 30 weeks ago

Dcd you're becoming a very good blogger, keep it up, because i for one love reading your comments.

Legend 2 years 30 weeks ago

Thanks for the info Ddc. I have probably posted a thousand times that the mainstream media is owned and operated by the 1%. You hear what they want you to hear. You do not hear what they do not want you to hear. Nobody has commented against it. Yet right wing radio and Fox News seem to thrive. Why are people so entranced by brainwashing media?

DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 30 weeks ago

I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”
- Tolstoy

zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 29 weeks ago

Legend , its hard to compete with a thousand right wing hate AM radio stations coast to coast and corporate owned media , like you said control 90% of everything Americans see, hear or read. I've posted the following twice now and its been twice refused viewing by the Tom Hartmann gate keepers. I think its a very significant a comment, but its been repeatedly censored.

"Like most Americans ,Free Speech TV appears to live a hand to mouth existence, approx two paychecks from being destitute. So my question is where are all the wealthy liberals.

Where are our billionaires, where are so called liberal elitist Hollywood crowd , the multi millionaires, the liberal west coast cappuccino crowd, those high earning movie stars and moguls.

Where's the worlds richest man Bill Gates, i heard he's a liberal. Where's Oprah Winfrey, her net worth is 3000 million dollars (3 billion), where's Roseanne Barr with her 80 million. Where's John Stewart with 80 million. These wealthy people know in America its pay to play. Where's Star WARS George Lucas or Stephen Speilberg i heard they're liberal with a combined worth of 9000 million(9 billion).

Where's Vice President Al Gore, the guy who claims he invented the internet, and is saving the planet, he's so wealthy it was vulgar and that was before he sold his TV station ' Current TV ' to Al Jazerra for 500 million in 2013.

Stephanie Miller one of the pillars of liberal radio and TV , worked for Al Gore and Current TV before the sale and was summarily dumped on the street with no where to go when it was sold to Al Jazeera for 500 million dollars. Recently she recited how she, the number one liberal comedy show in America, asked Al Gore for an investment of a million dollars, a grub stake, to relocate, buy equipment to continue her show. It took all these years for her i'm sure to overcome the belittling embarsement of being turned down by the man she knew. She might as well had been asking to the Koch Brothers , because she got nothing. Now Stephanie, one of the most visable and brilliant left wingers, rents a house and works out her basement , trying to continue her lifes work defending liberal values, because as she jokes , 'she has no where else to go'.

Why is it every 3 or 4 months brilliant morally honest, compassionate American liberal patriots have to go hat in hand to Americas poor for funding. Why is it Free Speech TV can barely keep the lights or as Thom says keep the electrons following. What the hells wrong with all these rich liberals, why aren't they carrying their proportional load.

These are small group of Americans who carry the liberal banner, who valiantly carry on, overwhelmed by billions in right wing money, funding the right wing squall of hate, lies and misinformation."

Gibbon 2 years 29 weeks ago

Shit! I didn't know that was Tolstoy. I thought it was the Cotton Industry: "The Fabic of Our Lives." :>)

US Media speak solely FOR the SWAMP.

They only provide "Swamp Talk".

Don't even waste your time with their Swamp Talking narratives.

That's why they are coming for our Net Neutrality.

Here (FSTV/AMY/Thom) is the only space remaining where we can still get Domestic US Truth on Air.

Soon it will be ONLY online and those sites will have to be Controlled & Monitored for the list of their subversive listeners.

HTTPS. Never use HTTP. Always use Encryption (when available).

Poor People Did fund Bernie. We have as much wealth combined as almost 33 thieves.

Gibbon 2 years 29 weeks ago

Ali Baba? Much more significant now.

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