And why are we tithing so generously to Israel when our infrastructure at home sucks? Of course there are the doomsday comments about what a great ally Israel is in the Middle East. For what? The oil industry? I say tax the oil companies and have them deduct those expenses from their ledgers, rather than the US treasury. I don’t give a rat’s tush about the evangelical lobby who want to preserve Jerusalem and environs as a religious museum of sorts. Sell some Miracle Water and use it for your private religious crusade. As realtors say, “location, location, location”, but that stone ridden landscape can hardly be of much value except to zealots. The most expensive real estate in the world. Are we renting a dust bowl for 4 billion dollars a year?

So maybe we should sharpen our pencils and cut back on the welfare for Israel. If they can afford to build entire new communities on Palestinian land, why should we subsidize that misdirected thumb in our eye. This is where my pencil would start. Despite all of the happy talk about the mutual loyalty between the US and Israel, the support at the current level seems as welcome as a relative in your family who had mooched for decades and then tells you to kiss his ass and open your wallet again.

Charity is great, but when your national infrastructure is bleeding, donating more blood seems like a very bad health decision. Maybe both sides of the Israel-Palestine mess are whacked, but that is no reason for us to be nutters as well. Beggars should be more deferential. The Israeli Prime Minister is a brash flake.


Legend 1 year 41 weeks ago

And they have Single Payer Healthcare and we do not.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 1 year 41 weeks ago


Yup eleven million bucks a day , everyday goes to a prosperous Israel from a broke America. This while republicans are cutting school lunches in the US. What's worse this eleven million dollars props up an extremist murderous right wing Netanyahu government, who then comes to America in an election cycle and tries to embarrass, humiliate Americas president and politically aid the opposition republican party by addressing congress when he has not been officially invited into your country. Netanyahu, Israel tried to sabotage Obama's presidency.

But we really know the reason Israel continues to extort an eleven dollars a day from America , there are 7 million Jewish voters in the US and a very militant Jewish lobby, that force the politicians and media to cower.

And you are correct, broke America could use that 4 billion dollars every year to help Americans.

If your politicians and media weren't such cowards, they'd cut this drain of American money to Netanyahu and the result would be the illegal settlements, and Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands would stop, for no other reason Israel couldn't afford it, plus without America they couldn't be the arrogant bullies they've become.

I'm not surprised so far i'm the only person to comment, Americans have been brainwashed into believing Israel a defenseless country on the verge of being overrun by Arabs hordes, when the truth is quite the opposite, Israel next to America is one of the worst terrorists in the region, who bully because they have a hundred nukes sitting in Israeli silos and America backing their asses.

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zapdam 1 year 41 weeks ago


"And they have Single Payer Healthcare and we do not."

Israel's Healthcare System Ranked Fourth in World; U.S. Trails Behind

U.S. is near bottom of list of 48 countries ranked by Bloomberg for the quality of their healthcare systems.
read more:

America even the Israelis are laughing at how stupid the Americans are. BET that 4 billion dollars a year Israel gets from a broke USA goes a long way to paying for Israeli single payer universal health care.

Legend 1 year 41 weeks ago

We give a lot of aid to other countries as well. In the case of Israel it is mostly defense money which we expect to be spent of our defense industry war manufacturing machine. Not making excuses and wish I had control but I do not.

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