Too lazy to read. Too lazy to listen. Too lazy to study. Too lazy to take notes. So when you are that lazy, you need to have a few people who are paying attention. And he is a paranoid narcissist who can trust no one to recollect what took place UNLESS they are related to him.

His mental derangement first of all revolves around instant gratification, adulation and syncophancy. That’s where his Twitter compulsion comes from and why he continues with the pep rallies. He doesn’t want to hear bad news or that things are complicated. Complicated is boring! Bad news bearers are challenging his clairvoyancy—like the current CIA punch up.

His plan to spend a LOT of time away from the White House reflects his loss of secrecy/privacy freak-out. After all, how is a fellow with his itchy, kissy, grabby sexual behavior going to get a girl fix unless he is on the road a lot away from his locker room mistress at home?

The behavior of the Lying King is going to be VERY expensive for tax payers. Many millions will be spent on protecting his Tower, his hotel properties he visits and his road show. Republicans bitched and mocked Obama for vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard and in Hawaii. This guy will make those security costs look like dust. I want a cost estimate of this creep being president.

The other thing likely to take place will be the bombing of his hotels. This will be a method used to give Trump’s America the finger, by ISIL or another terror group. He has been egging them on. It’s just a matter of time. It won’t make his properties a very desirable place to spend the night. The revenues from the Trump hotel targets will drop like a rock. That’s when he will get bomb happy.

While this guy can’t see several hundred yards down the road, he pretends like he can see around the next curve. He’s got a big load in this pants and everyone should be able to smell it a mile away...his cult members excepted, of course. They'll just think that the dog farted.


zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 30 weeks ago

You're smack on with your assessment of Trump being lazy and not too bright. you can add besides being vindictive and an egomaniac , Trump only wants the adulation of the presidency without all the work and responsibility.

DrJ's picture
DrJ 2 years 28 weeks ago

I don't think it's laziness but the result of Attention Deficit Disorder.

The evidence: he was a "rambunctious" (his words) and disruptive and probably hyperactive child who had to be sent to a military school to control him. He doesn't read, mostly because he has no attention span for it. The primary triad of signs in adults with ADD (impulsiveness, inattentiveness, and distractibility) fit him like a glove. He hires these conspiracy theorists as advisors because they will provide him with the inflammatory stories that will draw and perhaps keep his attention. He tweets because a tweet requires only a small bit of attentiveness to produce. He speaks in 5th grade sentences because any more detailed or expansive verbalizations tax his attention span too much. His narcissism, with its underlying low self image, is a result in part of his childhood failures and the fear of being challenged and found out. Naturally, he hates the media, who like to challenge people.

PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 2 years 28 weeks ago


I think you nailed it. I hereby appoint you to be the official shrink for the Lying King. Please measure all of his behaviors through the lens which you have constructed for us.

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