Don’s Decree: America First -- With a Few Amazing Exceptions, like Israel

With the exception of spending many millions- maybe a half billion- on moving the US Israel embassy to Jerusalem, and continuing to have each American family fork over several thousands of dollars ANNUALLY for welfare for Israel. Don’s all for it. Sounds like America Last. Perhaps the reason Israel does espionage in the US is to keep a lot of the Congress in line.

So all of you Trump supporters will like this. Your man's at work. Pony up! And while you are enjoying this decree, just think of how many schools, bridges and jobs would materialize if Israel stopped being a welfare queen. Why don’t we find a program that would grant citizenship and immigrant status to the Israelis and let the UN take over the holy sites, within a Palestinian state? Sort of like a religious theme park.

Israel is an artificial creation. A bad business decision, unless you have a sugar daddy like the US. This was as good of an idea as hanging up a beehive at a pinata party. It would be much cheaper if they became citizens elsewhere. Seems like a giant loophole in the America First Decree. There are many more exceptions to come-- stay tuned.

And what’s this bullshit language about DECREES anyways? Sounds like strongman, dictator talk. He also decreed an end to drugs and violence, pretending like he has a magic wand. Maybe he can find a way to monetize that like the states do with gambling and lotteries and casinos.

Then, right off the bat, Donald starts referencing the Bible and trying out some peace and God talk. What next, Preacher Don? Have you seen “Faces in the Crowd”, which is a classic narcissist story? It was featured on TCM on inaugural day. Another channel devoted the whole day to Adolf Hitler. COINCIDENCE?