It started in earnest with Ronald Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers union. He doubled down by permitting an unregulated influx of cheap, unregulated foreign labor. He let employers set up factory and farm sanctuaries where they could hire non-citizens with virtual impunity. Occasionally they would bust a meat packer, particularly if some workers got killed, but mostly our wonderful entrepreneurs (Republicans call them job creators) would pay cheap wages, intimidate these people and do what they pleased.

The primary excuse was that Americans won’t do that kind of work that Mexicans and Salvadorians would gladly do, like hanging drywall, handling cement and being carpenters, mechanics and welders. This myth was only partly true, of course, in that no American could afford to work for the same wages that a non-citizen would, with no benefits, sub-living wages and exposure to ag chemicals and industrial hazards. So this managed to shoot a big hole in the building trades unions. These entrepreneurs didn’t like immigrant worker permit programs because those people had easier access to sympathetic government agents and didn’t have to live entirely in the shadows under their thumbs.

The efforts continued by the long range Koch initiatives to collaborate with other right wing oligarchs to get their bought and paid for politicians to pass “Right to Shirk” Laws around the country. Make it more difficult for unions to exist. The weaker unions got the less their economic progress benefitted other Americans, spawning a big crop of the dissatisfied, future Trump voters. Then these folks were told that the illegals were the cause of most of their ills, rather than the invisible hands of the Koch class. They pitted non-union and union workers against one another. They crushed the political power of unions by exporting their jobs overseas. Outfits like Wallmart even cancelled construction projects for new stores when it looked like they may risk having their labor forces unionized.

Now comes Betsy DeVos, a woman of corrosive ideology, and little empathy, who wants to take things to the next level: kill the teacher unions. Her wealth comes from a Ponzi scheme originally called Amway, that was hatched in Ada, Michigan, right in the heart of intolerant, Christian evangelical-land. She would like to be the Minister of Propaganda for the new fascist state. The unionized teachers are in the way of her charter empire. They want both the teachers (non-union) and the curriculum in their right wing hands. Textbooks are already generated in volume with select pieces of American history deleted which detract from their fascist cause. Right wingers hire scores of people to re-write Wikipedia pages to select facts more friendly to their cause, and delete facts that don’t.

This is all very Orwellian. Orwell saw the future because he understood how creeping evil works in the human brain. History almost always repeats itself. It’s happening. In the end they will own the cops too, but for now they need them on their side to control the peons.


TomDorr's picture
TomDorr 2 years 25 weeks ago

As a union representative for locomotive engineers for 24 years, I think your fears are unfounded. If Trump (with the necessary cooperation of the GOP House an Senate), can significantly reduce illegal alien presence in the constuction, meat processing, and manufacturing industries, coerce American Manufacturers to remove many of their plants from low-wage foreign countries and establish them here, re-do or eliminate bad trade agreements such as NAFTA, allow our energy companies to thrive and grow, rebuild our infrastructure significantly, and eliminate the Obamacare provisions that threaten to harm union workers greatly, this would be a very good thing for unions.

Most middle class union members with any intelligence recognize that Obama promised them much, but delivered them little. Other than helping the Auto industries, he did little for middle class workers. Not only did he not deliver on "Card Check" when he had the chance with a Democrat House and Senate for two years, , he wasted this valuable time developing an "Affordable Care Act" that mandated eliminating Taft-Hartley Union health care programs and imposing a severe "Cadillac Tax" on tens of millions of Union workers with good, negotiated health care plans.

If Trump can follow through on his initiatives (with GOP support), mainstream Americans and middle class union workers will benefit.

The Police were not the only union workers harmed by OBama's neglect.

Skilled union workers abandoned by Obama can benefit greatly from Trump's economic actions, many of which deserve Democratic support.

PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 2 years 25 weeks ago

More distortions by a Trump troll:

Funny, we hear virtually nothing from Trump people about going after the employers, the immigration electromagnet elephant in the room.

Door: allow our energy companies to thrive and grow

Are you serious, these are the wealthiest companies in the world and Exxon has a huge investment in Russia that they will rescue at all costs, including at the risk of American security.

Dorr: Cadillac tax distortion is way off base.

Read this: Only 4 percent of people with employer-sponsored coverage will be enrolled in plans whose projected costs exceed the thresholds in 2018, the Treasury’s Office of Tax Analysis estimates. Even this figure overstates the tax’s effect, however, since the tax applies only to the portion of plan costs over the thresholds. That’s just 1 percent of plan costs in 2018, Treasury finds.​


It us unclear what steering a train does to make Dorr's remarks resemble some form of expert opinion. Maybe there was lots of time to read newspapers and play angry bird or other games on your hand held device (I will leave that one alone).

More Fox News parrot food.

Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 2 years 24 weeks ago

Relax Phil. Trust Trump. To be Trump. By Labor Day he will succeed in alianating most Americans.


Legend 2 years 24 weeks ago

Tom(nofacts)dorr uses only alternate facts.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 24 weeks ago

JP Morgan Chase Donates $4.6 Million To NYPD On Eve Of Protests

Wondering how much it costs to buy off the police department? JP Morgan Chase just gave the New York City Police Foundation the largest donation in its history.

The police might be extra protective of your interests. Today, OccupyWallStreet decided to march across the Brooklyn Bridge (a proud New York tradition) to Chase Manhattan Plaza in Brooklyn. Reports in the media indicate that the police at first seemed to be encouraging the protestors not only to cross the bridge, but were walking in front of the crowd, seemingly escorting them across. Over 700 of the marchers were arrested, and the media has a rather amusing “he said, she said” account, with OccupyWallStreet claiming entrapment and the cops batting their baby blues and trying to look innocent.


TomDorr's picture
TomDorr 2 years 24 weeks ago

Phil: There are no distortions in what I claim. First of all, in all of my illegal immigration blogs, I strongly support an e-verify program to be applied, at first selectively, to all construction and manufacturing employers. Those employers who fail to use e-verify, or knowingly hire illegals after using e-verify, should be penalized harshly enough to make them scared to death to hire illegals. Also, I believe these industries should be required, thru e-verify, to terminate existing illegals's employment within a year. After these initial industries stabilize, the e-verify requirement and penalties would be rolled down to other occupations. A guest worker program allowing foreign nationals to work a maximum of six years before returning to their native country should apply to agriculture jobs that U.S. citizens don't want. This is what I've always supported strongly.

By allowing our energy companies to keep the U.S. energy-self sufficient, we not only keep high paying union jobs, but eliminate any dependence on nations we can now ignore. The middle east and African nations we once courted for their resources can be ignored by our foreign policy and aid. They could beat each other to death without harming us. We could significantly reduce immigration and visas to these nations without economic backlash. Also, Russian oil would not be needed.

The "Cadillac Tax" penalty on middle class and union workers (which will thankfully be repealed with other nasty ACA provisions), is no where near as benign as your link professes. This web site is a site far more devoted to redistribution of wealth to low-or-no income constituencies than reasoned fact. What this "professor" Van De Water fails to mention is that failure to index the caps of the Cadillac tax properly will cost employers (and thus their employees) an estimated 95 Billion in taxes in the first decade and 500 Billion in the next decade. ( this is from the same Kaiser Foundation report the "professor" criticizes). This kind of money cannot be generated from the 4% of workers you claim will be affected. A much more respected, neutral web site clearly shows that in 10 years, more than 40% of employers and employees would be affected by this onerous levy.( The Cadillac Tax, much like the ACA as a whole, was a Trojan Horse hastily developed and shoved past the middle class gates by a Democratic President, as well as a Democratic House and Senate, before the enraged public voted many of them out.

Next, brushing aside your ignorance of the skills needed to run high speed passenger trains and 12,000 ton freight trains, it is my 24 years as a union representative that allow me to appropriately comment on policies and Presidents that have been good or bad for unions. What is your union/economic experience that gives your opinions validity, other than finding obscure blogs that distort the truth to push far left, redistributionist causes?

I have been involved in contract talks, arbitrations, carrier budget hearings, political functions, and have attended numerous general teamster/AFLCIO functions. And I know from fact that Unions hate the "Cadillac Tax" and we will be glad to see it sink to the bottom with other middle class harming provisions of the ACA.

Being a union person for 38 years as a skilled worker, working far more hours than the average employee, and having paid significant taxes throughout my lifetime, I have enough experience and knowledge to make the claim that if I am a "Troll" simply because I disagree with your ideas, then this nations needs millions more "Trolls" like me.

Legend: And you use "alternative" logic that defies reason.

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