Now that we are putting the microscope on the latest mass shooting it is time to look again at who has guns, how they are monitored and what warning signs should trigger action by law enforcement (no pun intended).

The latest shooter in Florida at the airport seems to have merited a number of alerts, but, nonetheless, he possessed a big handgun, put it on his plane with ammo clips and turned it on passengers upon his arrival in Ft. Lauderdale.

It seems that the standards for military recruitment get lower and lower and bring in too many misfits, mentally challenged actors and shady individuals. This guy seems like a textbook case.

Among the notable examples of lowering standards for recruitment are the recently relaxed rules for courting single parents as army grunts. Great idea … take a single person who is probably financially and emotionally stressed and take them away from raising their kids to serve in the military. What could possibly go wrong with that model? How does that raise the likelihood that this un-parented child will become a social problem?

If we are serious about maintaining a credible force then this exclusively voluntary service model seems like a very poor way of doing business. Just as lax standards for hiring and monitoring law enforcement has had serious consequences for American citizens, imagine how this approach to recruiting is playing out in the field when American personnel go into foreign communities. We end up with crap like torturing prisoners and shooting innocent civilians. Isn’t there a better way to demonstrate American exceptionalism?

If this country wants to be hyper-patriotic, then what we really need is to have people of all socio-economic classes serving. We have become a nation of armchair citizens, isolated from the reality of armed conflict, relying too much on the poor, the unemployed and mentally challenged to serve in the military. The luxury of getting a bulge in our trousers every time we see a red, white and blue flag is a big problem. We have too many people who talk tough and brag about this country, when in reality all they are willing to do is hold some else’s coat while they go into a fight.

Since so many people seem to be enamored with Israel, perhaps we should adopt their model of national service and get back to the concept of the citizen-soldier. Compulsory service (sounds very socialistic doesn’t it). It would be healthy to have a few more Harvard and New York Military Academy grads out there with the real people. It might make for better citizenship and some sobering thoughts about the price of freedom.

And as for the mental veteran in Ft. Lauderdale, why in the hell do we allow guns and ammo to go together on airlines. The right to bear arms should not include the right to carry guns and ammo on a plane. Duh!

Time for a military lottery again and compulsory service. The whiter the military, the more likely good decisions are to come out of Washington. One exception as far as standards: I would allow bone spurs to be within the accepted norm. By the way Donald, how are your feet these days. I don’t see you limping. Let’s see your foot x-rays. Those were your x-rays that you used to avoid Vietnam weren’t they?


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DrJ 40 weeks 1 day ago

Higher socioeconomic status is no guarantee that you won't be a war criminal. How rich were Cheney and Rumsfeld? How rich is Trump? Military training is designed to make you an order-following killer, be you lower, middle, or upper class. It also makes you quite comfortable with firearms of any sort.

Make no mistake, "compulsory" service is "involuntary servitude," and that is slavery.

The second amendment, as currently interpreted, guarantees you the right to keep and bear arms, even at an airport. Only after you do a bunch of damage with your weapon do you get into trouble. Is there something wrong with this picture? Yes, and it is the antiquated and obsolete second amendment.

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Kilosqrd 39 weeks 6 days ago

It is and has been airline policy for decades that one can pack an unloaded firearm in their checked baggage, declare it when checking in your luggage, keeping said firearm and ammo separate. This happens thousands of times each day without incident. Then one day, an individual with mental problems decides to follow all the above rules except the law that says you cannot murder people.

And the left still believes gun control is the answer.


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DrJ 39 weeks 4 days ago

It is not one day. In this country we get mass shootings a couple of times per week, on average, and we lead the world in gun violence by a long shot (pun intended). Other than "gun control" does anyone have any other, better solutions? Sure: eliminate mental illness and crime. And maybe domestic violence and terrorism, or anger of any sort. Until then, this country should enter the 21st century and join in with every other civilized nation and restrict firearms.

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Kilosqrd 39 weeks 11 hours ago

"we lead the world in gun violence by a long shot" Drj

We lead the world in private gun ownership. DUH!

We lead the world in automobile ownership, therefore we lead the world in auto accidents.

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DrJ 39 weeks 8 hours ago

In case you are unfamiliar with statistical analysis, the true comparisons among countries regarding auto accidents involve per capita accidents, such as number of accidents per 100,000 population The top three are the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Venezuela. The US does not even crack the top 25.

So what about getting the Federal Government out of people's lives? If we repeal the second amendment, we can let each state, county, or city determine their best option for guns in questions of licensing, open or closed carry, type of firearm allowed, penalites, etc. I'm sure the situation in Billings, Montana is different enough from that in New York City to have these communities draft different rules. So now I hear you cry, "But what if I buy a gun in Billings and take it into New York?" Yes, no law is 100% effective, but I would just let the city of New York determine how to discover your illegal firearm and how to punish you.

Legend 39 weeks 3 hours ago

Kilo just got mud on his face.

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Kilosqrd 38 weeks 6 days ago


Repealing the 2nd Amendment is a pipe dream and you know it. However, for the sake of argument, lets say it was repealed. Then you want to say with a straight face that we are to believe the left would leave things up to each state as to how firearms laws were enacted/enforced? Don't urinate down my back and tell me it is raining. You insult any thinking person's intelligence with a statement like that.

As soon as the 2nd Amendment is repealed, people with your political persuasion would be demanding Congress ban every firearm in the country. Do not even try to deny it.


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Kilosqrd 38 weeks 6 days ago


I suggest you use your own statistcal analysis to show murder rates per capita. The US is number 14 on the list with Brazil leading the pack.

I will remind you also that criteria varies from country to country. Here in the US, suicide is counted as a homicide. That means 2/3 of the homicides in this country are people taking their own lives. Roughly 1/3 (about 10,000-12,000) homicides are crime related. In a country with over 300,000,000 firearms in private hands, 10,000-12,000 murders is statistically insignificant. Notice I said statistically, but that is what we are discussing, isn't it?

No Legend, there is no mud on my face, just egg on yours.

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