On November 10, I posted a blog about the destructive course that corporate media has placed America on titled: “How the Media Screwed America: Playing Chicken Using our Country as a Prop

In it, I observed:

We need to support alternatives to this scam and get programs like Thom’s in the spotlight where there can be alternatives. We are losing this battle if we don’t find ways to counter the present Tox News standard. That business model is going to kill all of us.

Having said that, I have given some thought to this problem and had the good fortune to find a very simple way to take a step to bring some sanity into the situation by educating my fellow citizens from the back of my car. It works....several people have asked me about the sticker already!

I received several bumper stickers in the mail and put them on my own vehicles. They are titled: “ FOR NON-TOXIC NEWS LISTEN TO: WWW.THOMHARTMANN.COM


Get some of these, or promote other progressive speakers, or make your own messages, or get a bumper sticker from SOMEWHERE like I did! The more variety, the better. Get creative. Start dialogues with people. As Thom says, "tag, your're it." Let people know that there are alternatives out there that tell the truth, speak to the issues, and call out the imposters and hucksters who are deceiving and misinforming the public. Let’s make bumper stickers cool again and educate our neighbors, one family at a time. Retail politics in the most positive way.


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zapdam 40 weeks 2 days ago

Phil you sport lib leaning bumper stickers in red neck country, you're libel to come out to a car with broken windows or keyed. Your dealing with crazed crude people, actually fringe nutbars.

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zapdam 40 weeks 2 days ago

Stephanie Miller about a month ago recited on her show, how she was working at the TV station Al Gore had bought and her morning show had become number one. Al Gore sold the station off to Al Jazeera who paid Gore 500 million bucks. Stephanie now out of a job with no where to go, number one on the morning slot, asked Al Gore for a grub stake to restart her morning show, he ignored her, never replied. Now she runs her show out of her basement in a house she has rented and she's still number one. What i have told you, was censored twice by Thom's gate keepers, perhaps not wanting the ugly truth to get out about what a schmuck Al Gore is with all his money and his indifference to supporting talented liberals.

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PhilfromOhio 40 weeks 2 days ago


I am thinking about putting a second sticker on one of my cars that says: "Is There Life After Death? Scratch My Car and Find Out." It does, however, raise the question about how many people have never heard of Thom Hartmann---a lot, especially in deep LimbaughLand---so the key might come later. I guess a keyed door might suggest that Thom has them worried, and that would be a good sign of light in the tunnel. Is it true that in Canada the parking spaces are all wider and none of the cars have scratches?

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