For all of you Trump trolls, rubes, wannabe millionaires and wannabe apprentices, you all need to finally face the reality that it’s over. What are some of the symptoms of that? Even Joe Scarborough is routinely wearing a suit and tie in the morning, instead of pajamas or sweatshirts while he sips his latte. He wants his image in history during these disgusting Trump end times to reflect the gravity of the situation, instead of his normal yuk yuk shtick.

Time to suck it up. Time for some reality pain. This will go to the anger core of your existence, since The Don represented to you all of the insecurity and petty angst that defines your character. Supporters (soft core and hard core) are bailing on this guy. Just look at the polls. This tweety bird is certifiably nuts and the new cute talk about firing Muller puts the sealing wax on his short tenure. And I haven’t even scoffed yet at the Thank You Fest that took place on Monday with his craven Cabinet members where these underlings crawled before his throne and showed their devotion and loyalty.

So, it’s time to pack your tiny little pity bags and leave for summer camp. This will become known as the Summer of 17. No doubt, you will take your frustrations out by torturing some frogs or turtles at the lake. Of course, some of you will prefer to go down with the ship along with the Kapitan. It's been sort of nice knowing you, but you and your comrades are certain to continue to be the ugly Americans who were identified as such decades ago and who have some smug notion that you are exceptional in some perverted way and that the rest of the world sucks. Look in the mirror.


Kilosqrd's picture
Kilosqrd 49 weeks 2 days ago

Your unhinged, off the rails, viceral hatred for Trump is duley noted.


Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 49 weeks 2 days ago

Hopefully after this mornings events some of the hatred pumped out by the leftie/ socialists will temper a bit. To say it is unhinged and over the top was graphically on display.

The shooters facebook posts read like leftie radio and television bobblehead's talking points.

PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 49 weeks 2 days ago

The truth is the truth and has to be said, despite your new concerns about harsh rhetoric. Glad to hear you are turning over a new leaf. I hope that lasts longer than the shelf life of Don's rare moment of normalcy. Just wait a few days and he will be right back to denigrating everyone who disagrees with him, expecially if he can label them as obstructionist Democrats.

The truth is very different from what Trump and his rabid supporters have been shoving in everyone's face. And, since you brought it up, I have not seen any restraint of any sort on the part of Don and his venomous acolytes, at rallies or in the Congress, which in my mind is the origin of the kind of desperation that his whole approach to humanity has stoked since he showed up. Face it, he's a divider, and a creep and a con man. That, my dear Diane, is the unvarnished truth; most everything that he says is BS and lies.

The basic rhetorical difference is that the Trump venom is based on falsehoods, distortions and daily tauntings. Some people who are on the ropes mentally don't respond well to that kind of in your face, up your you know what bullying. He acts as if the only people he has obligations to are those who made the mistake of voting for him and he says screw the majority who didn't. Unfortunately, this stress was too much for the shooter at the ball game. He reached the end of his rope. Unfortunately innocent people were victimized by his final statement--made with an assault rifle like the kind that killed all the kids at Sandy Hook........or perhaps you believe, like Alex Jones (one of Trump's good buddies) that all of those dead kids and teachers were just actors. Just a hoax by leftie liberals.......right.

Sadly, I do suspect that this is not the end of this. Not as long as he insults, pokes, prods, screws and questions the sincerity of whole classes of people as if this is his moral duty as president to put them in their place. Maybe you haven't noticed--things are getting worse not better. What is very remarkable is that you and your Trump friends seem clueless as to why!

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 49 weeks 1 day ago

Sorry Phil, there is a vast difference between countering leftie/socialist's bullshit and actually taking violent action against those you disagree with. My jabs are are at memes, outright lies, or counters to the tortured history that comes out of the talking bobbleheads on a daily basis. You can read, respond or ignore them, I could care less but they will continue without me calling for the destruction of government of the death of the opposition.

I think rather than whining, bitching, and threatening over the loss of 1000 democrat party seats over the last eight years the leftie/socialist'e time would be better spent organizing their own party to counter the evil republicans and entrenched democrats residing in that shithole they call Washington, D.C.

rs allen 49 weeks 1 day ago

Aah, isn't this cute. We have a forment l'amour between two 'Good Americans'.

PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 49 weeks 11 hours ago

Dear Diane, To quote you: "residing in that shithole they call Washington, D.C."

Repent, or Monsignor Phil may have to wash your mouth out with soap and holy water.

Gaius's picture
Gaius 48 weeks 6 days ago
Quote PhilfromOhio:... the ugly Americans who were identified as such decades ago and who have some smug notion that you are exceptional in some perverted way and that the rest of the world sucks. Look in the mirror.

Hi Phil,

I think you mean white trash ugly Americans.


Coalage3 48 weeks 1 day ago

Speaking of eating crow....


The Karen Handel victory in the Georgia 6th District special election repeats a pattern depressingly familiar to the left. There have been four special congressional elections since the hated Trump took office, and Democrats have lost all four. In each contest, the left predicted victory – largely based on what they perceived was hatred of President Trump by ordinary Americans, which would generate "enthusiasm" for the Democrat candidate and drive people in overwhelming numbers to the polls.

Each of the four Democrat candidates was well financed and received strong support from the national party. Each Democratic candidate's campaign was augmented by hundreds or thousands of activist volunteer Democrats. And each and every race was seen as a referendum on Donald Trump – not his policies as much as the man himself. He is Hitler and Howdy Doody all rolled into one, a traitorous SOB (although most liberals only hint that Trump has committed treason), a threat to the rule of law, and a joke as a president.

And each and every time, liberals have been shocked to discover that ordinary people don't view the president that way.

All of those excuses fail to get to the crux of why the left keeps losing. Ordinary Americans simply don't like leftists very much. And when Hollywood and Silicon Valley unite to tell them they are stupid, are ignorant, are racist, are homophobic, hate Muslims, and shouldn't love America so much, what do they expect the reaction from ordinary people will be?

PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 48 weeks 1 day ago

Black Lung,

Coming within a few points of beating the Republican candidate in a district which has not voted in a Democrat before you were born could hardly be characterized as a good conservative omen, unless you are part of a Trump cult.

By the way, your comment about Trump policies is stunning. What policies? He hasn't done squat as far as any legislation. You seem to be a bullshitter like Don, your moral compass. And, if they pass Trump Care, well, then the defections from his ranks will be tectonic. Wait and see. I would calm down with your end zone dance since you are only on the 50 yard line coach.

Stay classy and say your prayers,

Monsignor Phil from Ohio

Coalage3 48 weeks 10 hours ago

Its okay Phil...I know you are still in shock from the election and still can't think straight.

Just like the presidential election, the media (in particular) was giddy with excitement that the democrat was going to win this election, even in a conservative district and area. After all, Trump barely won this district. Surely Trump has done such a poor job that the voters would reject his party...or so the democrats and media thought.

As usual, they thought wrong. You need to reread the last paragraph from my earlier post, and then look in the mirror. It just might be people like you who are keeping the democrats from winning elections that they should take rather easily.

Ronin's picture
Ronin 47 weeks 4 days ago

hatred? Reality check: Putting Trump in the Oval Office is like putting a turd in the punchbowl at your daughter's wedding.

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