Amidst all of the talk about working together that has arisen from the ball game shootings, let’s not skip a major fundamental that is the elephant in the room--that is the new normal of Winner-Take-All Politics. This message has been distilled by Republicans to a cute quip that many of us have become weary of: “Elections Have Consequences.” The evil, destructive and consequential translation of this cute, in your face, insult is: To the winner goes the spoils. Trump himself has expressed this in many ways over the past six months, including stupid comments about past Middle East conflicts where he laments that “we should have kept their oil.”

This kind of pillaging mentality has extended to national politics here as well, where the only people Trump seems to feel any need to talk to or serve are his most devoted followers—a dwindling minority of Americans. And, unbeknownst to many of them, they haven’t yet figured out that he is screwing them. With him at the wheel, the perversion will continue. Tribalism has been strongly on the rise. The political message is that there is no room for compromise. The message is that rich people are the only people worthy of benefitting significantly from the American economy. The message is that America is great, and the rest of the world sucks.

Trump has coarsened the language of daily dialogue. He thrives on division and conflict. He is exactly what this country does NOT need. Things have no chance of getting better with him at the wheel. Time to retire this guy and then watch every move that the VP makes until someone normal can be elected. Replace the lobbyist Congress with one that represents people. Reverse the gerrymandered voting districts to something resembling normalcy. The ball game shooter is a wake-up call. There are many more mentally unstable people out there than there are members of Congress.

​When are Republicans going to understand the difference between a pinata and a beehive?


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zapdam. 49 weeks 1 hour ago

Winner take all systems of government allow for situations that place incompetents like Trumps or Bush W's in power. I've never realized how superior the Parliamentary system of government is, until the last few decades of watching American elections. Winner takes ALL is a fail.

Amongst many good features, the Parliamentary system allows for coalition governments, where all votes have a chance of shaping the direction of a country, through runner ups getting together to form a government by combining their numbers. Another words governments can be formed by combining two different party's, to defeat the leading contender unless the leading party achieve a majority of more than half of the total votes. Under a Parliamentary government Trump or George W unless they received a majority vote could have been defeated at election by formation of a coalition government. Just think how different the world would be today , if America had a parliamentary system of government.

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