Demanding Magic Bullets: Panaceas are becoming the only standard for fixing stuff

Police violence against minorities

Health care program issues

Assault weapons in our communities

Terrorist acts

All of the above are examples of where the status quo argues either for the status quo or for draconian tactics that only makes things worse. In other words, nothing merits incremental improvement since the suggested change does not address every possible scenario. As a society we have adopted a lottery winning, all or nothing, mentality. We are fast becoming a nation of simpletons. In reality, the resistance-to-improvement mentality is nothing more than an intellectually dishonest and sneaky way of stopping change and preserving unearned, underhanded power.

All a police officer has to do in many cases is claim that they shot the person because “they feared for their life”, as if this defense would ever work for the so-called “suspect”. Once you are a suspect, deservedly or not, you lose YOUR rights and are at the mercy of law enforcement and the legal system. If individuals in law enforcement believe that it is easier to shoot their way out of any situation, then these chickens should never be given a gun and a badge in the first place.

Health care under the Affordable Care Act is so “flawed” that Republicans claim that it deserves to be replaced by some draconian plan that screws millions out of affordable care? Look deeper and you will find money motives that require big lies to put the new order in place.

We can’t regulate assault weapons in our communities because it tramples on the rights of gun nuts and gun purveyors, never mind what it does to the greater community’s rights to be safe. Do nothing is the mantra, since the proposed solutions are imperfect and therefore dismissed as unworkable and unworthy. If we want something perfect we will have to look in another universe. If we want a warranty, we should limit our future to buying toasters.

So this goes on and on and, despite the cries of the majority for curbing the gun problem, the argument is that we should all be armed and ready. This is great for gun and ammo sales, but should we really GAF how profitable gun makers are when it comes at the expense of our security?

The unspoken agendas are facilitated by greed and deception. The remaining question is when are more people going to notice. I suspect the health care situation may begin to put some daylight into people’s thinking when they see what is in store for them and it hits them in the wallet.

There are no panaceas. There are no magic bullets. All of these complex problems require complex and incremental changes to bring them to order and knock off the shallow rhetoric used to defend them. They require people to walk and chew gum at the same time.

There are two messages here: 1} We have lost control of a representative political system to lobbyists for gun manufacturers, 2nd amendment freaks and corrupted “elected” officials. 2} We are permitting bad behavior and primitive ideas from the shallowest members of our society and allowing them to out-shout the majority.

Our simpleton in chief fits right into this ethical model and sees no reason to facilitate positive change. He prefers to pander to the worst actors involved, and create more fear and insecurity. In some wars evil leaders kept their power by making enough people complicit in this behavior to promote destructive national policies. It that where we want to go?

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