Police violence against minorities

Health care program issues

Assault weapons in our communities

Terrorist acts

All of the above are examples of where the status quo argues either for the status quo or for draconian tactics that only makes things worse. In other words, nothing merits incremental improvement since the suggested change does not address every possible scenario. As a society we have adopted a lottery winning, all or nothing, mentality. We are fast becoming a nation of simpletons. In reality, the resistance-to-improvement mentality is nothing more than an intellectually dishonest and sneaky way of stopping change and preserving unearned, underhanded power.

All a police officer has to do in many cases is claim that they shot the person because “they feared for their life”, as if this defense would ever work for the so-called “suspect”. Once you are a suspect, deservedly or not, you lose YOUR rights and are at the mercy of law enforcement and the legal system. If individuals in law enforcement believe that it is easier to shoot their way out of any situation, then these chickens should never be given a gun and a badge in the first place.

Health care under the Affordable Care Act is so “flawed” that Republicans claim that it deserves to be replaced by some draconian plan that screws millions out of affordable care? Look deeper and you will find money motives that require big lies to put the new order in place.

We can’t regulate assault weapons in our communities because it tramples on the rights of gun nuts and gun purveyors, never mind what it does to the greater community’s rights to be safe. Do nothing is the mantra, since the proposed solutions are imperfect and therefore dismissed as unworkable and unworthy. If we want something perfect we will have to look in another universe. If we want a warranty, we should limit our future to buying toasters.

So this goes on and on and, despite the cries of the majority for curbing the gun problem, the argument is that we should all be armed and ready. This is great for gun and ammo sales, but should we really GAF how profitable gun makers are when it comes at the expense of our security?

The unspoken agendas are facilitated by greed and deception. The remaining question is when are more people going to notice. I suspect the health care situation may begin to put some daylight into people’s thinking when they see what is in store for them and it hits them in the wallet.

There are no panaceas. There are no magic bullets. All of these complex problems require complex and incremental changes to bring them to order and knock off the shallow rhetoric used to defend them. They require people to walk and chew gum at the same time.

There are two messages here: 1} We have lost control of a representative political system to lobbyists for gun manufacturers, 2nd amendment freaks and corrupted “elected” officials. 2} We are permitting bad behavior and primitive ideas from the shallowest members of our society and allowing them to out-shout the majority.

Our simpleton in chief fits right into this ethical model and sees no reason to facilitate positive change. He prefers to pander to the worst actors involved, and create more fear and insecurity. In some wars evil leaders kept their power by making enough people complicit in this behavior to promote destructive national policies. It that where we want to go?


leontrollski's picture
leontrollski 2 years 16 weeks ago


An astute analysis. However perhaps there is another path to gun control. Should a constitutional convention be called the first item of the present constitution that is likely to disappear will be the Second Amendment. Everyone who believes that the plutocratic puppets that are likely to be drafting the new constitution will want an armed populace please raise your hands now. The lesson of Hitler's decapitation of the Brownshirt leadership should be instructive. The Brownshirts, a useful violent element in the establishment of Hitler's right wing dictatorship, had their leadership murdered and the influence of their organization nullified, since, with the consolidation of power, their role as useful idiots had ended. From that point on arms were for the wealthy or politically connected, and for training with an eye to state military service. Real gun control, when it comes, will come from the right not the left as the fascists of the new constitutional order disarm the country.

PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 2 years 16 weeks ago


Highly unlikely, but if nothing else they should define what a 'militia' is..........I don't think that a bunch of nuts with AKs and high capacity ammo clips was at all what was intended, let alone envisoned.

If these folks are what we need to count on to rescue us from government oppression then we're screwed. A few bags of fertilizer will always get the job done if that is where we end up.

DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 15 weeks ago

Assault weapons in our communities

They have defined a Militia and it became the National Guard in the early 20th century. No one sees the comma or believes it has meaning?

Before that in both instances the "Militia" was operated by the states and loaned to the Feds as in the cases of the Whiskey and Shay rebellions or insurections. Both instances the Federal government used the state militias to thwart we the people citizens from their guns. Automatic assault rifles are military grade weapons and have no business in the hands of civilians.

Guns are commerce and should have the same rules as cannabis, although cannabis is a plant that is illogical to place as commerce unless it is "manufactured" into a product. Whereas guns are human inventions subject to human regulation.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, (☚ see the comma?) the right of the People (in the militia's) to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. On December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution) was adopted, having been ratified by three-fourths of the states.

See the big fat comma denoting the subject of whom has the right to bear arms? The people of the militias. Not just any old people. Not kids or slaves or mentally debilitated.

Police violence against minorities

Their version of equality is to increase caging women and caucasians for non victim fabrications to eliminate corporate competition.

How many "crimes" do Corporations Buy?

During Europe’s dark ages, pagan herbalists and witches, mostly women, used cannabis in their ointments and cures. During a time when illness was equated with evil, these pagans attracted a devout following for their miraculous healing lore. The Catholic Church, threatened by the resurgence of ancient religions and by forms of medicine that challenged their exclusive right to perform healings, gruesomely tortured these women to extract confessions of supposedly satanic allegiance, and then burned them to death in public forums.
Witch hunts and the war on weed

Health care program issues

Hang in there,
Prohibitionists, predominately and abundantly conservatudes,
are on the Universe's short list for extinction.

When the activity of the cannabinoid system declines,
we find rapid aging in the brain.”

No detectable limit to how long people can live

Cannabis reverses aging processes in the brain

Cannabis and Longevity

The Tree of Life

Terrorist acts

Congress is cool to Trump's proposal to end heating aid

By far the most numerous and most flagrant violations of personal liberty and
individual rights are performed by governments ... The major crimes throughout history, the ones executed on the largest scale, have been committed not by individuals or bands of individuals but by governments, as a deliberate policy of those governments ...that is, by the official representatives of governments, acting in their official capacity.
--John Hospers

Kilosqrd's picture
Kilosqrd 2 years 15 weeks ago

"The people of the militias. Not just any old people." DdC

Hillarious. Since the phrase "the right of the People" also appears in the !st and 4th Amendments, I suppose (using DdC's logic) those rights are reserved only for the people of the militias also. Wow, that is a real stretch.

The lengths some people go to twist the meaning of plain english is astonishing.


DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 15 weeks ago
Amendment IV.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things ...

A comma is a comma. Not bringing other references doesn't change the facts, a comma is still a comma. Bring your refs next time. You're begging people to believe you, then bring something besides whining and tears. No comma, so in the cases you claimed, it is the people. Although in reality the Neocons, mostly GOPerverts, disregard the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 10th when it comes to the drug war.

Egregious and Well-Chronicled Abuses of Civil Asset Forfeiture
Ignorant Jeff Excluding the National Commission on Forensic Science
Secret Searches Bill Passes

Amendment I.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Again, no comma. Again pure bullshit with the Alt right declaring it a Christian Nation that doesn't jibe with "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". Or ask Rastafarians about the free exercise thereof. Or multi instances of censorship, even in federal court gag orders preventing a medicinal defense. The not so Free corporate press also censors reality and sells products as the top priority. How many times have protesters been herded into fenced areas or out of sight and sounds of the people being protested? If it makes the 24/7 cable news, which it seldom does.

Do you go by Kilo or 2.2 pounds? At any rate you seem more interested in selling guns than people's rights. You point to examples that are openly abused by government without a peep from the alt right. Then whine about rights not granted. You can't re-write or re-define words and grammar dude. Try protesting the abuses of the bill of rights by forfeiture laws and no knock warrant-less secret searches and lack of probable cause. Anal probling doesn't set off a red flag?

Or tell Pat Robertson this is not a Christian Nation and again the pro life my ass groups abort more fetis' in cotton crops than organic hemp they whine about keeping illegal. Hypocrisy is obvious, but when it becomes so common I think its the blind following the deaf. So if you want to shoot military grade weapons, join the military.

Rastafarians and Ganja
The Myth of "Liberal Bias" in the Media
Bill Would Outlaw Internet Drug Information
The Corporate Muzzle

Kilosqrd's picture
Kilosqrd 2 years 15 weeks ago

It takes a special kind of ignorance to believe the things you believe, DdC. Btw, I did join.

USAF 1980-1993.


So, I ask. Who are "the People" the US Constitution is referring to? As in "We the People."

DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 15 weeks ago

We the people are we the people. As with the other Amendments stating "people". Not as with the 2nd stating Militias. If the second meant for all people then they would have left out the "militia" or the comma. We the People have the right to bear arms etc. We the People probably excluded slaves too.

But as I said, you just want to sell guns. Now the NRA is pushing to target liberals and people of color as reasons to buy more guns. . Problem is, like in Chicago. People aren't buying new guns, just stolen ones. So you can go back and buy more to have stolen.

No one is advocating a gun ban. Nothing different than NASCAR staying on designated tracks and not Freeways. The NRA used to push gun safety and environmentalism in the 60s. Game and Land management and clean water for fishing.

Now they are the gun manufacturers advertisers. Pushing long term prison time for non violent sick people using Ganja. Pushing max cap contracts and profits over we the peoples rights. So We the People have the privilege of buying arms if we qualify. The National Guard has the right to bear arms and are not supposed to be sent overseas to be used the same as civilian support, just to keep the 4 branches of the Military death counts lower.

New NRA ad "comes this close to calling for a civil war against liberals.
The video, which you can see here, features conservative TV host Dana Loesch stoking fear as a series of images show the news media, schools, anti-Trump protests, and more. It ends with her calling to fight back against progressives with "a clenched fist of truth." It's a threat that we need to take extremely seriously. Our goal isn't to scare you, though the video is disturbing. The reason I'm telling you about it is so you can help resist this wave of hate and threats coming from the NRA.

Victims of Teabog rhetoric?
Was the shooting in Arizona the work of a right-wing crazy? Or just a plain old crazy? Or someone whose craziness was channeled and directed by the hate speech that permeates what passes for public discourse today?

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