Neutering the Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Pardon Card

If I plan a robbery to slip into a bank, hand the teller a demand note and had put this plan in my diary (or email), then, when I head to the bank and then find out that they didn’t have money in the cash drawer, this is still a crime. Highly unprofitable, but a crime nonetheless. If a pervert sets a sex rendezvous in motion with a minor (even if they aren’t a beauty contest contestant), that’s a crime. And, as we have seen, the arrest occurs before they ever meet eyes with the intended victim. I recall a TV series that had this format…..

So, one of the obvious differences here is that the Russians DELIVERED on their promise to dump private Hillary campaign information onto the election stage and meddle with the election. I could easily call this collusion, or a conspiracy. Certainly a criminal act--it seems to me. Actually it may involve the Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799).

An important key to this Russia collusion investigation will be to detect the peripheral crimes as well as the primary ones. Given the subjects involved, that is a definite possibility. In order to give everyone a fair taste of justice, I am interested in non-federal crimes as much as, if not more than, the federal ones. The goofball-in-chief can only pardon federal crimes. He is a big proponent of ‘fairness,’ so he would have us believe.

I would like to see the investigation refer other matters that violate state and local laws to the appropriate prosecutors. We want to be sure that justice is doled fairly out at all levels of government. To do anything else would be, as Donald likes to whine, “UNFAIR.”

I am not an attorney, but I am an optimist. In the end, even if Donald manages to pardon his whole family, that will tie a can on their tails that they will have to drag around for the rest of their lives, and rightly so. And so much for the “Trump brand.” But even better yet, if appropriate, a few non-pardonable convictions would be poetic justice. OJ’s memorabilia theft/kidnapping conviction was the only consolation prize that the public got for his getting away with double murder. But we can certainly do better than that with these klutzes.

While we are brainstorming, I’d love to see “To Catch a Predator’s” Chris Hansen show up in the audience at some of the congressional hearings that are coming.

What suggestions do YOU have?


ronsears 2 years 7 weeks ago

Good points, especially going after Trump and minions where he (or Pence) can not provide pardons.

I especially applaud your challenge at the end. I am sick and tired of sitting around bitching and listening to others bitch. I want conversations where we discuss things we can actually DO to make a difference. So here is one suggested answer to your challenge.

Don't you think a very large number of folks would love the opportunity to contribute to an effort that helps insure political crimes don't pay? Until we take away the "Return On Investment" for political bribes, it will never stop.

How about a crowd-funded effort to find and hire the best criminal law firms to investigate and formalize those State and local charges and publicly / loudly present them to the appropriate State Prosecutors, and/or bring civil suits for damages? This approach may be able to bypasses the political influence that now prevents such State level investigations and charges from ever happening.

This could work sort of like a class action suit where the law firm advertises for wronged victims. In this case, after initial efforts by an overall nationwide crowd funding to select reputable law firms and States were likely crimes were committed by Trump and associates, the selected law firm would advertise for crowd funding of their investigation from a large number of actual local victims as well as others interested in funding the effort from around the country.

I wonder whether a Federal pardon by Pence, which requires admission of guilt to be legal, would amount to an admissable admission of guilt in separate State level legal actions? At least civil lawsuits perhaps, representing every voter whose was cheated out of honest representation? Now that would be one interesting hearing on setting the cost of damages, adding up all the lost federal funding for all the state programs, lost investments in infrastructure, environmental damage, and on and on - all the things a Democrat would never have done.

Note, State Governors can pardon people for crimes in their State, so the strategy here would still have to anticipate and avoid likely politically influenced State level pardons.

As you suggest, this would be sweet revenge on these monsters as well as set an example for the other crooks with similar ambitions:

"...tie a can on their tails that they will have to drag around for the rest of their lives, and rightly so."

You should probably start by contacting Mike Papantonio. He has the reputation and testicles to take something like this on. You could also call in to Norman Goldman's show and ask for his opinion. Please post your progress. I would love to make one of the first contributions to the crowd funded planning group for these lawsuits.

Thanks for your efforts

PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 2 years 7 weeks ago


All good ideas and thanks for adding to the dialogue.

Meanwhile, back at the Stench, it looks like the White House has a major case of political incontenence.

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