“We don’t need no stinkin’ guberment regulation, red tape or interference.” And we don’t need zoning and building codes, the absence of which allowed flood-prone areas to be developed for residential use. And, now that the rewards of this behavior are apparent to all, Texas politicians want us (the majority of communities where such precautions prevail) to help them put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

For starters, not a nickel should go for rebuilding houses or businesses that remain in peril’s way due to flood risk, paltry levees and reservoirs and no credible plan to create habitation-worthy housing development. Texans made a big bet on going cheap and the results are painful.

All the Texas big talk about “freedom” and killing off government regulations should be eaten as a big piece of humble pie. Until all the enablers publicly confess, and agree to do something about climate change and science-based urban development, our aid to Texas should be measured and frugal. We can’t afford to support these dysfunctional relatives who have been too cheap to do things right, and then expect a socialized bail-out to mop up their mess.

Maybe average Texans will begin to realize that their civic leaders have duped them and let them down. Our help needs to be VERY conditional.

Emergency help, absolutely, but replicating the past--hell no!


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