So.....Trump’s voters think that their lives suck. And it seems that their plan is to assure that the rest of ‘Merica’s lives suck too. Misery loves losers and company. Temper tantrums galore among the base. Maybe that’s why they are happy with the daily chaos, bullshit and dysfunction for the past six months. Reminds me of a story that a dentist told me about a little spoiled, uncooperative brat who came in for a cavity repair. After the novacaine, the dentist stepped into the next room to check on another patient in progress. When he returned, the brat taunted him by saying “I chewed up that stupid thing that you put in my mouth.” The dentist then informed the little prick that he had just chewed off the side of his own tongue.

Trumpies: Is your trophy shelf about to collapse from the weight of these winning awards? How’s your tongue

While the stock market has been rising, the average wage isn’t. I could be wrong about my guess that his hard core base is not highly invested in stocks. Instead of training ‘Mericans to do jobs in the technology section, the “freedom” solution is to open up more visa opportunities for smart and skilled immigrants. Would it be a surprise that this is nothing more than a way of keeping tech wages down or stagnant?

If that is ‘Makin’ ‘Merica More Better Again’, some of you Trumpies need to explain something that I am missing about this business model. Are ‘Mericans unable to be trained for these jobs?……..I thought that this shining beacon on the hill was supposed to be populated with exceptionals. I am cornfused.


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chuckle8 48 weeks 3 days ago

Great words. Thanks. You should post this at the "daily caller" website.

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