“The new tax reform plan will primarily benefit lower income, middle class and small business people.” And, “we need to operate government more like we do our household budgets.” (A 'small business,' by the way, if you didn’t know, may employ as many as 500 people according to current government definitions).

But wait--- as the details emerge, it becomes clear that the ‘plan’ gives its biggest benefits to rich people and big corporations by taking it from the rest of us. After all, those folks and their lobbyists will author the plan to be sure that happens. No shit!

Moreover, the plan creates billions of dollars of new debt. The way that this works is that the so-called plan relies on economic growth---they are betting that growth revenue will offset the tax breaks (a bet they don't care if they lose, incidentally). In other words, the rich folks get paid on the government credit card starting now, with the expectation that future revenues are on the way (the check is in the mail). Nevermind that the Bush tax cuts accomplished NONE of that.

Back to the corny household budget talk, if you went to the car dealership and told them that you didn’t have the cash or credit to buy that new car now, "but, don’t worry, I expect to get two raises in the next five years that will up my income substantially," how many of you think that you’d ever drive off the lot with that new ride?

The Republicons like to do this redistribution game because it creates government debt, and that problem is what they continue to promise to remedy by cutting “greedy entitlements", like those pesky little brats in wheel chairs or on dialysis. This behavior sucks blood from the body government, which is then left anemic and floundering so that they can continue to suck more blood when more opportunities present themselves.

They can’t even wait until they can get government into the bathtub and drown it. As long as it is too anemic to move, they come out “winners,” which makes the rest of us ‘losers.’ That is exactly what the Republicon game is.

As GW said, “fool me twice, shame on…………….?” Whatever! (man that guy was such an idiot too).

The Republicons must stop making it a mandatory requirement that all of their candidates for president have had major brain injuries.


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