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Now come the first criminal charges in the Muller investigation.

​This past week or so we have been subjected to Trump / Nunes / Fox “News” full-out assaults on Clinton (dossier, emails) and Muller (scope and budget). So I think that Jeffie Sessions and Don should demand to find out who leaked to them that indictments were hot in the pipeline……isn’t it obvious by the timing of this full-out assault that they wanted to change the subject and beat up on Muller BEFORE the indictment shoes began to drop.

Step up Leaker Sleuths on the *President’s “team.” Demand to pinpoint the leakers. (Hint: start with your bossman) I suspect that the indictment shoes dropping will turn into a full tap dance routine on all the colluders and conspirators. Time to que up the dance music for some 'hot licks and showing off.'


Coalage3 1 year 5 weeks ago

I suspect that someone from Muller's team leaked the news of the indictments so they could dominate the weekend news, and it worked.

The liberal media is never going to cooperate with the Trump White House, Nunes, or Fox News. Have you been drinking, or visiting DdC?

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PhilfromOhio 1 year 5 weeks ago

Like your leader*, I only want the truth. After all, he only tells the truth and nothing but the truth, right Coalman? This train is coming down the track now, so brace yourself for the truth. The bright light is not the end of the tunnel, but a locomotive. Not quite sure why the liberal media should cooperate with Tox News, the dedicated mouthpiece of your addiction. But I have heard stranger things from your cult.

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leontrollski 1 year 5 weeks ago

"I suspect that someone from Muller's team leaked the news of the indictments so they could dominate the weekend news"

More likely it was a White House or Congressional Republican or conservative operative leak to devour the weekend news cycle so that Republican plans for tax give aways to the wealthy and defecit financed tax cuts would not be under public discussion. In the same way it is not likely that Mueller will be fired any time soon so to maximize the distractive value of Republican whining about the Russia investigation. Ditto for further Clinton investigations. Already the discussion of the Republican grant of privleged status to banks and credit card companies by shielding them from class action lawsuits has almost completely faded away overtaken by the conservative media (read not only Fox, Breitbart, et al. but all main stream media) focus on the blatherings of Trump and the congressional shills for oligarchy about the Mueller investigation. It is the same old Republican and traditional media tactic of opening a container ship full of red herrings to distract from the real action: making sure the oligarchs business is taken care of.

Coalage3 1 year 5 weeks ago

You guys really need to get a grip. There has been nothing but leaks surrounding this administration since Trump took office. This is no different. It was not the WH. It was not a congressional republican (except for maybe Flake). Mueller is attempting to apply pressure, and leaking the news of the indictments on Friday was designed to do just that.

Of course, the WH wants the talk to be about tax cuts, or the Clinton/Obama collusion...duh! You guys are geniuses.

Coalage3 1 year 6 days ago

Excerpts from James Robbins:

An erroneous ABC News report that Trump had dispatched Flynn to make contact with Russia before the election appears to have caused a massive stock market selloff. The report was corrected, and reporter Brian Ross was suspended. The important takeaway of ABC’s fake news outbreak is that since the Trump team’s outreach to Russia took place after the election, it implies there were no channels to Moscow before the fact. This puts a stake in the heart of the collusion theory.

A CNN analyst speculated that instead of outright coordination, there was an implicit quid pro quo for Russia getting Trump elected. This might be called the “grasping at straws” gambit.

On Sunday, Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., resurrected the notion that Trump obstructed justice by firing then-FBI Director and Bible scholar James Comey. But again, this is a weak and constitutionally suspect narrative.

The real obstruction might be found in the Mueller investigation itself. The legitimacy of the FBI witch hunt against Trump was further damaged by reports that leading FBI investigator Peter Strzok, who had spearheaded the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s sketchy home-brew email server, was demoted because of anti-Trump texts he exchanged with co-worker Lisa Page, with whom he was having an extramarital affair.

This is hardly an unbiased investigation. If the type of process crime that Flynn was nailed for is all the Mueller team can come up with, it is time to move on.

Coalage3 45 weeks 3 days ago

Pat Buchanan weighs it:


After 18 months investigating Trumpian “collusion” with Putin’s Russia in hacking the DNC’s and John Podesta’s emails, the FBI has hit a stone wall. Failing to get Trump for collusion, the fallback position is to charge him with obstruction of justice. As a good prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, the tactic is understandable.

Mueller’s problem: He has no perjury charge to go with it. And the heart of his obstruction case, Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, is starting to look like something Trump should have done sooner. Consider what is now known about how Comey and the FBI set about ensuring Hillary Clinton would not be indicted for using a private email server to transmit national security secrets. The first draft of Comey’s statement calling for no indictment was prepared before 17 witnesses—and Hillary herself—were even interviewed.

Comey’s initial draft charged Clinton with “gross negligence,” the requirement for indictment. But his team softened that charge in subsequent drafts to read “extreme carelessness.” Attorney General Loretta Lynch, among others, appears to have known in advance an exoneration of Clinton was baked in the cake. Yet Comey testified otherwise.

Also edited out of Comey’s statement was that Hillary, while abroad, communicated with then-president Obama, who had to see that her message came through a private server. Yet Obama told the nation he only learned Hillary had been using a private server at the same time the public did. A trial of Hillary would have meant Obama in the witness chair being asked, “What did you know, sir, and when did you know it?”

As for Trump, he should not sit for any extended interview by FBI agents whose questions will be crafted by prosecutors to steer our disputatious president into challenging or contradicting the sworn testimony of other witnesses.

This a perjury trap. Let the special counsel submit his questions in writing, and let Trump submit his answers in writing.

At bottom, this is a political issue, an issue of power, an issue of whether the Trump revolution will be dethroned by the deep state it was sent to this capital to corral and contain. If Trump is guilty of attempted obstruction, it appears to be not of justice, but of an injustice being perpetrated against him.

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