The analogy which seems to best characterize the myth of Reagonomics is that ‘the best way to feed the birds is to give all of the grain to the horses and let the birds pick through their droppings to sustain themselves.’ Sounds like a shitty life to me!

The notion that giving virtually all the money to the rich will benefit the middle and lower classes is laughable. Nonetheless, Ryan and McConnell and Trump and all of their Republican allies keep pushing this fable with a slight of hand that involves big lies and shiny social issues meant to blind people into believing them.

The ruse here involves the notions that giving the rich people the money will create lots and lots of jobs and that these generous entrepreneurs will ‘share’ that wealth with the little people. Based on the job and annual income stats since Reagan, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is a BIG CON. ‘Generosity’ isn’t in their vocabulary.

They want us to trust them on that. But, as we have all seen, that pig can never get enough to eat.

The big picture here is that the money people are on the verge of finalizing their control of the bought and paid for political system, and assuring that their power will always out flank the peons, who they intend to rule like a feudal society. They want to determine labor costs, the scope of civil and economic rights, and choose everyone who runs things (in their best interests). In essence, they want to hand pick the jury.

Instead, the more obvious solution is what I would call “Trickle-Up Economics.”

This simple and logical principle is that by investing in the lower and middle classes that the rich will prosper. Creating much needed infrastructure, for example, creates jobs, generates stronger incomes, and, indirectly, the rich guys benefit because all of this new business activity, including the buying power of the proletariat, will make them richer. Creating a health care system worthy of fulfilling the constitution’s promise of “the pursuit of happiness” is also a huge employment opportunity. It’s time to take over the steering wheel and bring in elected representatives who will actually represent the people.

This is the only Trickling that makes any sense. Period!


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BenDorigan 49 weeks 1 day ago

Agreed. If the richest 1% already own over twice as much wealth as the bottom 90% in America, does it not beg the question, "how much more money do the rich need before they begin jump-starting the economy?"

ronsears 49 weeks 19 hours ago

PhilfromOhio, well said, and our mission could not be any clearer. We need to vote like our lives depend on it, because they now literally do.

If it's a Republican, never vote for them, period, no matter what they promise. Republicans almost always vote lock step, and the Republican Party has proven beyond all doubt they will literally repeat any lie and do anything for their Oligarch sponsors, no matter how destructive to human life, our economy, and our Democracy. Make them pay the ultimate political price in today's election (just heard Dems won both governors races by large margins!), in 2018 and forever. The Republican Party has earned it's political destruction, and I am looking forward to watching it happen.

If it's a Democrat, and they are real Bernie / Warren Progressives, then contribute, get out and campaign, and vote for them. If you are presented with a Conserva-Dem as your only choice, campaign and vote for them, and then relentlessly push them too support Progressive issues every day of their term. And look around for a real Progressive opponent to support when the next Democratic Primary comes around.

Relentless, unforgiving opposition until everyone of these SOBs and their Oligarch sponsors have been driven out of our government; one contribution, one campaign, one vote and one election at a time.

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