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Gun Control Regs vs Building Code Regs: Stone Age Politics

While there are inherent safety issues with both of these subject areas, imagine what it would be like if our building construction regulations operated by the same principles that seem to guide gun safety regulations.

First off, one of the fundamental human rights is to seek shelter from nature. In other words we have a right to construct a dwelling. This would seem to be a universal human right that no one would ever propose to interfere with. Right? This makes most sense if you wind back the clock thousands of years when living in a cave or under a pile of sticks was the norm. Fast forward now to modern times, with its multistory dwellings and skyscrapers, and where the densites of human occupation is extraordinarily different.

Using the ‘gun control’ model of permissible building codes, we would set no standards for structural integrity, fire safety, electrical wiring, material toxicity or occupancy limits. Any and all such attempts to regulate building construction would interfere with our universal human rights to seeking shelter. Any single attempt to prevent building collapses, infernos, or exposure to toxic chemicals would be the ‘slippery slope’ to tyranny.

We should be able to construct a building anywhere we choose, in any manner we choose……..and government should be stripped of the authority to document the morbidities and mortalities consequent to this laissez faire approach to building code regulations. Since no SINGLE prescription would address ALL building safety matters, the best outcome is to do NOTHING. Think about that the next time you are on an elevator in a 30-story high rise toting your 1776 musket. All of your wellbeing might be in the hands of just a couple of anonymous people who just started an elevator business in their basement last year after their spittoon cleaning business failed.

Likewise, limiting the type, number, power of handguns and long guns infringe on our so-called right to bear arms. Studying mortalities and injuries related to guns in the US is not only unnecessary, but it infringes on the rights of corporations to engage in free enterprise without being hindered by pesky little things like facts. Military arms in your neighborhood-good. Automatic weapons on the playground-good. Silencers-good. Cop killer ammo-good. Crazy people buying guns-good. Hey, why not toss in a few hand grenades while we’re at it?

So, folks, that’s’ where we are with the neocon agenda today. Despite the stunning, overwhelming view of the general public that firearms NEED to be more stringently regulated, elected officials (business backed surrogates for the most part) decline to even debate the subject.

And as far as other regulations go that are meant to protect and help the average citizen, the current administration and its allies in Congress are rolling back tons of other constraints for rape attacks on nature and the environment. The only long term solution is to outvote this bullshit. Better get organized....and watch your back if you bend over anywhere near Don or Roy.

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The One Thing That Scares Donald Trump

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