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Message for the Trumpsters: You suck.

It is just a little over one year ago (the day after the election) that I lowered my flag to half-mast. This was intended to recognize what a huge mess we were in for from electing Donald Trump as president*.

And not only has this proven to be true, it is even far worse than any of us imagined. The short story on his first year in office is that our country is less safe than it was before, more corrupt than before, more coarse than before, less respected than before, and on a road that is littered with economic and social land mines.

It was cute that lots of people voted for him because they were taught to hate and distrust Hilary Clinton. But let’s face it, Trump voters, we are far worse off than we would have been with Hilary. So much for venting your angst by cutting off your foot. You may have to explain to your children and grandchildren how you fcked up so bad. How your petty ego and gullibility put America where it is today.

You voted to cut off medical treatment to those who couldn’t afford it. You have jeopardized the lives of those who are disabled and unable to work. You have increased the odds of bankruptcy for countless numbers of Americans who will tap out from education debt and medical debt. You have helped more families become homeless, toothless and in need of charitable assistance. The environment is at much greater risk.

We can only hope that you Trump voters experience a lot of the pain that will come from Republican ‘leadership’; you deserve to suffer more than most. I hope you do. You earned it with your selfish, smug, self-satisfied arrogance that you portrayed at Trump rallies, grinning and clapping while dipshit Don lied his ass off to you and to everyone else.

So cozy up to the Republican pedophile culture. Reach deep into your pockets when you find out that Daddy Warbucks got the tax breaks, not you. Then go home and ask yourself how you could have been so mislead, so off base and so stupid. Like Forest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

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