Ole Roy’s entry into national politics has made it necessary to discern the different degrees of inappropriate personal behavior in a sexual context. So let’s take a stroll down Shady Lane and see if we can sketch out how to contextualize the problem.

The term “prevert” is a misnomer, or common mispronunciation, except perhaps in the Urban Dictionary where they offer the following working definition: “When someone gets all excited and acts like a horney pervert previous to anything really happening.”

It seems to exclude unobservable lude or lascivious thoughts per se, but focuses on observable behaviors (drooling, leering, hanging around young women in malls, phone stalking them at their high school? - fill in the blank). Or maybe the latter two push someone over the line to be a bonafide pervert. As you can see, this can get complicated to sort out as to where ‘pre’ becomes ‘per’. No matter how you cut it, however, the distinction is blurred, and no one would probably want to be labeled either way.

Maybe a ‘prevert’ is a wannabe ‘pervert’, or a pervert in training. In general, I suppose that it could be used to describe someone who seemed to have great potential to become a pervert, but who had not yet made the grade. What specific signs should we be looking for, Senator Gillebrande? Does laughing at a dirty joke make you a prevert or a pervert, or neither?

This leads to the next question: Do all ‘perverts’ come from the ranks of ‘preverts’, or can you pass GO and proceed directly to PERVERT?

The obvious next query is: ‘How does this pertain to the most recent and well known pervert , ole Roy Moore?”

Incidentally, the noun “pervert” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “one given to some form of sexual perversion.”

I personally suspect that Ole Roy was definitely a prevert before his pervert actions were documented when he was in his 30s. This leaves the question as to WHEN he crossed over, and what the clinical signs might have been. Maybe he had a divine vision, or considered this promotion his calling. It might have simply been God’s plan for him that he was morally bound to follow.

So you folks are going to have to help me out here. As ethics matters are evaluated in the near future by the Congress, we all need to start at the same point, in order to achieve rules of the road by which to judge future transgressions, particularly by elected officials.


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