“I Will Take the Heat ” (As long as it doesn’t involve heat)

“I will accept any deal on immigration that the Dems and Republicans agree on. I will take all of the heat and sign whatever they agree on” (guess who)

Tired of all of these give and take mindfu-k messages from the *president? Is this guy whacked or what?

Has he even had a normal heartbeat, pulse or thought in his entire life? If truth were to be known, he would surely list masturbation as his favorite sport.

Why does he want to promote a loving immigration policy today, and snatch it from possibility the next day by dumbshit statements?

Why did he promise to release his tax returns and then months later blow that away entirely?

And why was this dude about to give us the truth about Obama’s ‘fake’ birth certificate, and then years later say is was legal, and then months later say that he isn’t so sure?

Or, what about his financial conflicts that were promised to be resolved, but never were, and never will be?

The obvious answer is that he is unable to negotiate anything, especially the truth. His only approach to ‘negotiation’ is to dump the burden on others or blame everyone for the fallout, except himself, of course.

I know that this news will be hard for some to swallow, (Linda Lovelace might be able to give you some advice if she is still alive and swallowing) but he thinks he walks on water, never makes any error and always is extraordinarily superior in outcome to ANYTHING on earth that ever came before him. Period! (actually, exclamation point)

The short answer, of course, is that this guy is f—ing nuts, in a sinister and perverted mental way.

Now, just imagine that someone with this grasp on reality had access to nuclear weapons. Yes, that’s where we are folks. The Republicans, America’s bought and paid for party of sycophants, are the gnomes who try to normalize this creep on a daily basis. When the call comes and he tries to use his ‘big button’, how comfortable are you about his maturity, sensibility, preparedness and wisdom (he would think Reader’s Digest was a tough read)? I would give him a zero on each count, and you should be worried that many have placed all of their marbles in this crapshooter’s basket.

He’s 71……has already gotten most of his chuckles and couldn’t give a crap about anyone else. That’s just who he is. Yet too many would give the joystick of our military might to this total incompetent. My neighbor asked me the other day, “Where is a patriotic sniper when American needs one?” Of course, I would never suggest such a vile deed, but it does point out the depth of how serious and terrifying this person is in many people’s minds to our continuation as a respected and stable world power.

The next election is when this can begin to change, if we haven’t been immunized against reality by the daily massage that he gives American with poisonous propaganda. We have become tachyphylactic to the truth, and that should be a huge concern to everyone, everywhere.

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