If Mexico is going to pay for the wall, why is numbnuts asking for $18B of American taxpayer money to build it?

This is emblematic of the way that this guy does business. Promise everything, deliver nothing. This is the kind of jerk who would invite you to dinner and then stick you with the check every time.

Maybe our resident trolls can explain why this is ok. Maybe our resident trolls can translate this $18B farce into how many roads, bridges and schools will not be built to humor his folly. I will bet that the troll silence will be deafening.

​Want to bet that it won't be built with Made in America steel? Rumors are that the wall samples built near San Diego were not!

​This is the essence of the grand scam to Make America Gag Again.


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PhilfromOhio 47 weeks 5 days ago

The resident trolls, as predicted, remain silent. Sad.

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