“Donald Trump Ate Here”: Flush 3 times, it's a long way to the Oval Office

Nixon graffiti revisited.

Since president potty-mouth sounded off with his shit-hole comments, this is an appropriate time to commemorate this--at least until someone cleans the toilets again. The most appropriate walls to honor him on are as close as your local gas station.

This came to me during my meditations during my absence from this blog space since the beginning of February. During this spiritual journey, I practised cleansing my neurons of the daily stench that this pseudo-human has been spewing on us for the past year.

Since this fool started the potty-mouth talk about Shit Holes, this post seems quite appropriate and on the mark. You have several options about making your opinion known to his fading band of acolytes. The only wall that his name deserves decorating is in a toilet stall, hereafter named “Trump Walls”.

Many years ago, shortly after Richard Nixon was un-horsed from the presidency, I came across several bits of toilet humor that were as funny as one of my favorite of all times: In one restaurant bathroom in southern California, neatly printed addendum to the employee sanitation admonition posted on the paper towel dispensor: “Lavese Sus Manos, and His Big Band Sound.

More political and apropos were two timely inscriptions about Richard Nixon. I discovered them scrawled on the wall of a toilet in one of our national parks: “Flush three times, it’s a long way to the Oval Office” and “Richard Nixon Ate Here.”

While I am not a fan of random graffiti or defacing property, I can’t think of one more appropriate for a toilet stall than “Donald Trump Ate Here!” Maybe a Post It note would do if you can’t bring yourself to use a Sharpie.

And don't hesitate to share your Trump grafitti discoveries with the rest of us. Until then, have a blessed day.

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