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It’s been raining in Trumpville for a long time. It started in earnest after the election and has been a drip, drip, drip, followed most recently by a downpour of “vaginal intercourse” talk, infoleaking and daily collusion denials. His followers would have had us believe that we need that kind of rain to MAGA. For most of us, we’re sick of carrying umbrellas around 24/7, and seeing this moron’s face on every news cast. We are tired of this charlatan.

The ground has reached the saturation point, and, as our California friends well know, this causes the earth to move. We’ve seen the visuals on TV of neighborhoods being demolished by walls of mud.

Many of us in this blog arena have been analyzing this behavior for a long time, only to be taunted by Trump trolls and apologists. Time for those fools to sit down and ShutTFUp. You were wrong. You were duped. You were screwed, or deserve to be.

A lot of these people are going to need some kind of emotional counseling. Crazy Uncle Trump Love should skip his normal Thanksgiving dinner visit and cool his jets at home with the wife who he is probably abusing or brainwashing.

The people who are likely to need the most psychotherapy are those who have had to live with those believers through the last several years. How are they going to cope? I expect the suicide rate among his followers to increase (not a joke) because they have invested so much of their narcissistic egos in believing that this guy was going to be their golden bullet to prosperity, or wreak vengeance on those brown people. Just like those prosperity preachers, however, HE will leave the flock out in the cold to freeze, having shorn them of all of their wool. They were tools. SAD.


Combad57's picture
Combad57 1 year 8 weeks ago

I'm pretty sure this is obvious to all of us who habituate this site. Those do not include the evangelicals and southern republicans. To them, as poor judges of human nature, Trump made a lot of sense. To those with a grain of critical thinking in their brains, he was a consisten pathological liar.

Yes, I live in the sickly south now as a retiree. The people of NYC by and large know the real Trump but they are a real enemy in the minds of southern GOPers so their "opinions" are marginalized. In my neck of the woods the "uninformed voters" are legion.

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