Time to Un-Join the National Rifle Association; and shame those who don't.

When I was a kid, the NRA was about gun safety and the responsible use of guns. I even wanted to sign up and join, but I was too broke. Since those days in the 60s, things have changed a LOT.

The gun industry now runs the NRA, not the sportsman, not the average target shooter, certainly not anyone with a family who values their safety. It has, in fact, become a terrorist organization. The NRA has, instead, become both a hard core political organization and a lobbyist for the gun industry. They are pretenders and paid lobbyists. It isn’t much more complicated than that.

It's time to make membership in the NRA a shameful statement by any friend, acquaintance or family member who continues to support this cruel and mercenary organization.

Many sportsmen clubs require you to be an NRA member if you want to shoot on their ranges. That really sucks, since you are coerced to become a shill for the gun manufacturers and the hardasses who have a neocon political agenda. They incessantly push the hyper-patriot notion of citizenship and a bullshit notion that “we need all these guns to protect us against our evil government”. Give us a break, you extreme exaggerators! You are full of shit!. You deal in conspiracy, fear, propaganda and bullshit. That’s why you voted for President Runnamuck—he’s as whacked as you are.

We are now repeatedly hearing:

“There’s nothing left or right or Democratic or Republican about gun violence. “ That’s what some middle attitude moderates are saying. It's too moderate for the problem at hand. The bottom line is (with due respect to the above advocates) this message is too soft and whimsical. We are way off track and our political system has failed us completely on this issue.

OK, maybe, that above quote has a nice ring to it, but in reality the scale tips heavily to the Republican right. And, frankly, we can get rid of any Dems who don’t have the huevos to ditch the NRA. I think this is a litmus test for me. If you think the NRA should write policy on gun rights in America, then you deserve to get your ass kicked out of office no matter who you are. We don’t need you. Nobody needs you. Go sell lemon cars, run down time shares or payday loans….that’s certainly more your schtick.

The kids were all right this week! You assholes who live and breathe the NRA and hold political office and take their dirty money, need to get the F out of Dodge and go back to your bunkers. We have a better civilization in mind which doesn’t put a Glock on the hip of every teacher and permit gun show scams, bump stocks, assault weapons on our streets and high capacity magazines.

Gun safety is in the stone age right now. The kids have it right. What’s even better, they are reaching voting age very quickly, and you Neanderthals are going be given your walking papers.

I see the future on this. It's time for a radical change to the preposterous behavior of Congress and to the industry 'gun agenda.' They won't be happy until every one is packing. It's good for business, and, ironically, for getting the votes they need to hang on to power. This is the worst of so-called 'free enterprise.' Capitalism off the rails. Government for the wealthy, by the wealthy and of the wealthy. Man is this model of governing overdue for a major course correction from the current model of disgusting and craven excesses of power from American industry and its oligarchs.

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