It is not about land. It is about greed, personal greed. A few politicians on both sides are enjoying the attention that I am the great advocate of; or I am the great protector for my people.

These types of battles in the name of god have nothing to do with god.

These types of battles or cruelty in the name of God; are really in the name of pure selfishness.

Wars based on religion are more damaging to the in belief God. People need to blame something for the losses and the people end up blaming God for what a human did.

War is a manmade necessity for man to feel like God.

War is a manifestation of a man’s profit.


agelbert's picture
agelbert 5 years 18 weeks ago

Agreed. Watch this video (turn on the English subtitles) to see the HORRORS our NEOCONS who used OUR GOVERNMENT to fund the chaos in Ukraine to hurt Russia are causing for the evil and predatory desire of these crazies to make the USA achieve total global hegemony in the service of casino capitalism and polluting fossil and nuclear dirty energy.

The video was made NEARLY A MONTH befor MH17 was downed. This means they have been TRYING to foment more war in Ukraine for at least that long by getting an airliner DESTROYED and blaming it FALSELY on Uktranian pro-Russian troops or the Russians themselves!

This video has a description of how a Ukranian fighter jet would fly behing an airliner and under it, then drop bombs on the town so the militia would fire back in order to fool the town militia into shooting down an airliner!

This young lady found out about it and posted it June the 18, 2014. Luckily, that attempt failed but NOW you know they have been TRYING to fuel the fires of war with this conscience free deliberate cruelty for at least a MONTH!

Spread the word! It is OUR GOVERNMENT that is funding those crazies, not Russia's! Call your Representative and Senators and tell them you want it STOPPED!. Hillary is Lying. What she claims the Russians are doing is PRECISELY what WE are actually doing. It's an Orwellian MASTERPIECE from her!

What happened to HER humanity? How have we sunk so LOW? How has Obama gotten as bad as Bush? Because the NEOCONS have infiltrated BOTH parties! Get the NEOCONS and Israel firstirs OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT!

Screenshot from the video:


Mauiman2's picture
Mauiman2 5 years 18 weeks ago

The next world war will be over oil, and don't think for a minute that natural gas does not have something to do with the situation in Ukraine.

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