Boston Mayor fines an Elderly Man for not shoveling sidewalk…in a state of Emergency Snow Storm.

The elderly man was out of town attending a funeral.

In a state of an emergency with snow fall where do people throw the snow. The people are not allowed to throw the snow in the street, on someone else property… What to do with the snow?

The city should run snow removal as a Suburban fall or spring cleanup. Notify the people that city will be through to collect the snow and remove it from the area. The city in a state of an Emergency should look for and recruit volunteers for snow removal (After all Massachusetts does an annual census collect information about able body people that are willing to volunteer in Emergencies).

Property taxes in Boston is about $16.00 per square foot…

Some cities in New York State have property taxes at $0.80 per square foot… Where is the money going Boston???

Maybe the city does have the money to clean snow from the sidewalks and streets…


pkrause12249 4 years 31 weeks ago

Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh encourages residents to report their neighbors:

That is correct the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Great Hill) encourages people to love thy government and turn in their neighbors…

Instead of using the state mandated census to track people movements and connections with other humans and rescind voting rights. Maybe use it to sign up for local services needed for crisis and disaster planning.

pkrause12249 4 years 31 weeks ago

The first thought I had when I heard the Mayor of Boston encouraging the community to report neighbors their neighbors. I have also, seen many messages from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Great Hill) to encourage citizens to turn their neighbors in for out of state license plates. I thought of another story that championed the turning in of a family member into the government. The great historic story from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic days of the 13 year old boy named Pavlik Morozov. Pavlik Morozov turned in his father for promoting anti-government movement. Pavlik was later killed by other members of his own family. The more popular story of Pavlik Morozov was the pride and propaganda pushed by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic to get all citizens to suspect and report other citizens for anything against the government or for any reason…

The mayor of Boston is destroying freedom and creating an unfriendly environment of Boston, MA.

The mayor of Boston needs to create better plans to handle crises and disasters other than report your neighbor.

pkrause12249 4 years 30 weeks ago

Fee and fine schedule for snow shoveling in Boston...

pkrause12249 4 years 30 weeks ago

1500 non-compliance tickets for not shoveling in one week. Next week 1500 more tickets are expected to be issued.

pkrause12249 4 years 29 weeks ago

The side streets are becoming mini-war zones with people trying to maneuver on tightly snow packed streets. The people get out of their cars and yell at each other and verbally assault each other…

pkrause12249 4 years 29 weeks ago

Neighbors of Boston are reporting each other in the thousands every week, 18000 compliants. 9,000 tickets were closed because of the next storm coming in and the citizens of Boston are upset because tickets were not issued. The people of Boston were not satisfied with the city’s ability to issue tickets to their neighbors…

pkrause12249 4 years 29 weeks ago

I asked this question the other day:

The city does not mark the fire hydrants, so how does a person find them in the snow???

These are the public responses:

  1. OMG, if you live in the neighborhood, you should be aware of where the hydrant is closest to your residence....
  2. In my town they have a band around telephone pole if one near by.
  3. There's one in front of my house and it's sure as hell shoveled out. you should pay more attention to your surroundings. If your house burns down don't go crying to the city it's their fault the fire dept couldn't get to the hydrant under the 5 feet of snow we have.

This response is from me:

Nothing like that I am new to the entire state...other places I have lived are prepared for snow and other natural occurrences...

Public responses continue:

  1. Then go back there. Don't need anymore new arrogant ass holes here
  2. Well roll out the "welcome mat" for the person...”Get a clue”.

This response is from me:

In the photo...there is a red metal flag post to Identify the fire for next winter sure I will take notice, but where are the fire hydrants today?

My final response (after thinking about how to locate fire hydrants in the snow):

Use google maps to help find fire hydrants covered by snow in your neighborhood...use the street view function of google maps...start clearing the fire hydrants...

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