Happy New Year 2020! (Fiction find entertainment)

It is amazing how fast time moves on all of us...

This year we are celebrating the new election of our President-Elect Elise Stefanick.

The economy is growing and the US dollar is getting stronger.

30 US dollars = 1 Vietnamese Dong

A couple of years of Trump in office, now in prison. Mike Pence and Paul Ryan team received one electoral vote from Maine. Mike Pence and Paul Ryan were figureheads only there to create a feeling of continuing government after the blasts. US Congress created temporarily confinement of Executive Branch powers until various intelligence agencies could identify government link to foreign espionage. Mitch McConnell and most of Trump Cabinet members and staff convicted and sent to prison.

It was truly an amazing day the brightest light I ever saw. I was 215 miles away and I have no idea why I looked in the direction of the New York City. Most people still do not understand why Trump believed Putin over NORAD and various visual confirmation. I am thankful for the various generals and brave soldiers that decided to act on that day to stop other catastrophic events.

The ICBM came from a French Nuclear submarine in the North Atlantic hacked by Putin and Fancy Bear.

Because of the effects of Nuclear winter in the northeast; I now live in Texas.

Remembering back to the scandals of 2017 and the Nuclear blast of 2018. Some good happened Obamacare now offers a public option. Another benefit for many including myself that suffered on the day the of the blast. I get all the free ice cream I can eat.

Employment is plentiful as the Peace Keepers from Independent Nations for Peace come to the United States of America to help people move from various Nuclear fallout areas. Peace Keepers are always teaching about farming, hunting, water purification and other community survival techniques.

I work as a scribe for the deaf and hard of hearing translating Radio news into print (I am blind).

Oh, I am listening to Joint World News Network based in Russia. Putin has opened up new hotels and casinos in Europe. Say what you want about Putin but he knows how to make good deals.

The United States of America could not retaliate for the nuclear blast of New York City and could not prosecute Putin. The explanation was because the Military needed a President to give the order and Mike Pence was visiting Antartica and President Trump refused, there was only defense. Putin decided to use various bank accounts of confiscated wealth granted by Fancy Bear and bought Trump hotels and casinos at a discount. Oh, since Putin is located in a foreign government Putin cannot be prosecuted and Putin also enjoys life long diplomatic status during visits to foreign nations.

It has been an interesting and tragic 4 years, but now looking to the future with President-Elect Stefanik. President-Elect has many good ideas for the 38 non-nuclear states. Inauguration happens in the nation capital of Denver, Colorado.

William Barr’s shady track record of covering up the crimes of a Republican president

William Barr’s shady track record of covering up the crimes of a Republican president
Thom plus logo Bill Barr knows how to cover up the crimes of a Republican president. We know, because he’s done it before.